When To Call A Commercial Waterproofing Service

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Waterproofing services is a growing business. You will find flyers about waterproofing on your door steps, see coupons in a local newspaper as well as advertisements.  However, when is the right time to call for a waterproofing service?

A New Home 

Whenever you are moving in into a new home, you must seek the help of a commercial waterproofing. A waterproofing expert can inspect your basement and able to determine signs of past water damage or check that there’s no such signs.

If you have move to a house where there is a lot rain, have a contractor check to determine if your basement is below the water table for your area. If it is, a drainage system or a sump pump may need to be installed to push water away from the boundaries of the house before it has the opportunity to touch your home.

There’s Moisture 

The beginnings of water damage may not be water it could be just moisture.  As the ground shifts and changes around the framework of your hone, it may cause settling in your home’s structure. This can result to small cracks over long periods of time; these cracks could be so small that the untrained eye will not see them. And so, if you are seeing that corners or areas close to the floor seem damp or moist, you must check a reliable waterproofing service immediately because moisture if left uncheck will lead to trickles of water which lead to more water as the crack grows. All of this, then leads to the development of mold in your home which is then circulated through your heating and cooling system and then distributed to the rest of the house.

An Unusually Wet Season 

Water is a strong force and while your home has been gaily dry since you moves in to your home,  water sitting underground due to an unusual wet season of rain or snow melt could be wearing away at the outside of your structure. If you have experienced a markedly wet season or a series of them, it would be wise to contact a waterproofing service to conduct a general inspection of your home.

Your Neighbors Have Experienced Water Issues 

Chances are your home was built around same time as your neighbor’s homes and possibly by the same contractors. Likely, both you and your neighbor have the same kind of soil and experience same weather conditions and temperature. If your neighbor experience humidity in his basement, pretty sure you too have the same kind of problem in your home and this would be an ideal time to contact a waterproofing company.


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