What is the Antivirus free online?

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Free antivirus online are anti-virus that run entirely in a web browser, so you do not need to be installed on the computer, unlike the offline antivirus that are installed and running on a permanent basis in the system. Free antivirus online complement antivirus offline, do not replace it, and are free of charge because the manufacturers use them as a platform to promote its payment products, including a greater number of features and services.




Free antivirus online are web applications that scan our computer in search of viruses, with the particularity that are not installed on the PC but that run from the browser.


Given that the antivirus in general are oriented to the Windows operating system, since UNIX-derived operating systems as GNU/Linux or Mac are virtually virus, free antivirus online take for granted that users use iExplorer for what are often run as ActiveX or Java components may not function properly in other browsers.


Free antivirus online are not meant to replace the antivirus offline all Windows system must furnish mandatory given the vulnerability of this platform to the virus, but it should be considered a supplement that provides a second opinion and probably a more up-to-date virus signature database. They are highly recommended as reinforcement for increased protection but do not replace antivirus offline, since not run resident form but on request.


Cloud antivirus


A particular case of antivirus online is cloud antivirus or antivirus cloud, which installed a client on our PC but running on a remote server.




Let’s see the advantages of the free antivirus online:


  • They are permanently updated.
  • Permanent availability since they can be run at any time.
  • Speed: they run quickly using the browser, with low resource consumption.
  • Compatible with other antivirus: different antivirus online can be used without affecting each other, and are compatible with the antivirus offline which we have installed in our computer. On the other hand, usually only you can install is a single antivirus offline in a single system.
  • Free.




Here are the disadvantages of the antivirus free online:


  • They are not as complete or as effective as antivirus offline.
  • They do not have the functions of payment online antivirus.
  • Do not have permanent protection, since they run on request and its execution ends when the browser is closed, by which do not protect the system in real time.
  • Given that they are usually run as ActiveX component or Java, in browsers with weak support for these technologies may not run correctly.
  • They do not replace the antivirus offline, they complement it.
  • Major antivirus free online



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