Top Apps For Contractors

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Now, there’s an app for everything. From their earliest beginnings as the first system software, to the importance they now hold on ipads, ipods, and everything in between. They range a wide spectrum from the functional to the just plain ridiculous.

Some of the seemingly useless apps include things like the virtual lighter. Just by swiping your finger across the screen, the flame dances around, imitating an actual lighter. It has no practical purpose, it’s just fun to look at.

Despite the increasing appearance of silly apps, many do serve a purpose. They have their place in almost every location, including construction sites. The apps made just for contractors make their jobs easier, more organized, and more efficient.

The Uses

I worked for an electrical contracting company for a very long time. We did jobs across multiple states, teaming up with other companies to work quickly and effectively. Some of the jobs were huge, taking years and years to complete the different sections, while others were small and only took a few months.

The project managers on each job were unique. They all had different ways of handling the jobs they were in charge of; they all approached each individual job in a different way. There was one thing they all had in common; they all wanted an iphone.

I don’t know how many of them wanted the iphone because of the contractor apps available, or for the sake of having an iphone, but either way, it became a great tool. Access to email and instant connection to the Internet for research anything they needed on the job was only the beginning. It is the apps that can make the difference.

The Apps

The apps available are some of the greatest tools for getting work done on a job site. Any project manager who has used one will agree that it makes their job easier. Here are a few of the more common apps used by contractors:

  • Site Boss
  • Defects App
  • Tradies
  • Dollars

These apps will make even the most hectic jobs run smoother. Take for example Site Boss. It will help you keep organized whether you are on the job site, or back in the office. It can be used by everybody in the company, from the foremen to the CEO himself.

Everything becomes more efficient with high quality apps. They not only simplify all your own paperwork, but also allow for quick communications with everybody apart of the job, whether that is employees, suppliers, or the clients. Apps like these could have saved a lot of time with construction projects like Sears Tower.

I’ve never been a project manager, but I’ve dealt with their paperwork. It’s messy. One of my coworkers even had a magnifying glass that she used just to decipher handwriting. Paperwork often got lost or misplaced in the shuffle from the job site to the office. There are apps designed specifically to stop this madness. They can do a wide variety of time consuming tasks like filling out purchase orders, maintaining a site diary, processing change orders, and keeping track of meeting minutes. These apps are quickly changing the construction industry; keep your business up to date.


By Cassie Costner

Cassie currently writes for Skyline DKI, providers of quality construction in Chicago. She also writes about water damage, mold removal, and fire reconstruction.

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