Top 5 Best Moments From Seinfeld

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Top 5 Best Moments From Seinfeld Top 5 Best Moments From SeinfeldEven someone who hasn’t watched Seinfeld all the way through from beginning to end has certainly seen an episode or two. It’s one of the constant TV sitcoms, available almost anywhere, almost any time. Whether you’re grabbing some lunch in a New York City bar or in the waiting room for a San Diego breast implant, you can almost always look up at the TV in the building and find an episode of Seinfeld playing somewhere. What were the show’s greatest moments? Here are our top five.


Kramer taking karate.

While Kramer’s awkward one-liners are hilarious, it’s always been the physical comedy that really took his character to a new level. In the season eight episode “The Foundation,” he enrolls in a karate dojo for children and quickly becomes the martial arts expert. The montage of him towering over and destroying opponent after opponent is laugh-out-loud funny.


“There had to have been a second spitter!”

In “The Boyfriend, Part 1″ from season three, Jerry meets Keith Hernandez, his basketball player hero. Things get ugly, however, when Kramer and Newman tell Jerry that Hernandez spit on them during a game. From this comes Jerry’s hilarious theory that there must have been a “second spitter,” parodying similar conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination.


The “hole in one.”

In season five’s “The Marine Biologist,” George is pretending to be a marine biologist when he is suddenly called upon to help save a beached whale. In the process of trying to save the animal, he discovers that the animal’s blowhole is blocked by one of the many golf balls Kramer had lost earlier that day. The reveal of the golf ball as the blockage is pure comedy gold.


The Merv Griffin Show in Kramer’s apartment.

In the aptly-titled episode “The Merv Griffin Show” from season nine, Kramer finds the set of the Merv Griffin Show discarded in a dumpster. He rescues it and sets it up in his apartment, where, hilariously and awkwardly, he interviews everyone he meets, even including commercial breaks.



“The Junior Mint,” in season four, had many great moments, but the best was when Jerry couldn’t remember his date’s name, just that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. At the end of the episode, she asks him if he knows what her name is, and he offers his best guess: “Mulva?” Unsurprisingly, that is not it, and she storms out.

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