Top 4 Careers That Get You Out of the Office

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Sick of working in an office everyday? Start training for one of these four careers that could take you all over the world. You won’t have many dull moments with these jobs.

1. Photojournalist

Pay: depends on market size. Someone working for a small newspaper might make $40,000. Someone shooting for a national magazine could get $75,000 or more.

Photojournalism is a cut throat industry where many talented people compete for the best jobs. If you get lucky enough to work for a national magazine like “The Smithsonian,” then you could travel all over the world, including places in Africa, the Middle East, and Antarctica.

Photojournalists can face dangerous circumstances (wars, natural disasters, etc.), but they also get to experience some of the most exciting places in the world. Plus, free travel!

2. Travel Nurse

Pay: About $100,000 per year.

Travel nursing jobs will allow you to see the world while you make a living. This could include spending time in impoverished areas that don’t have access to good healthcare services. It could also include areas struck by natural disasters and outbreaks.

Travel nurses usually have a chance to choose how long they will work away from home. They can choose projects lasting from one week to 48 weeks.

In addition to base and overtime pay, travel nurses can get sign-on bonuses, referral bonuses, living stipends, and free travel. That means they bring home a large portion of the money they make instead of spending it on things like food, housing, and airfare.

3. Anthropologist or Archaeologist

Pay: $50,000 to $60,000

Being an anthropologist or archaeologist probably won’t lead to Indiana Jones-type adventures, but it can take you all over the world to gather information about cultures and artifacts.

The typical anthropologist spends several semesters lecturing at a university. She then takes a sabbatical to travel the world and study specific groups of humans or archaeological sites. If you get really lucky, you could work on a project that uncovers an underwater Egyptian city.

Most people spend their time focusing on minute details. It might seem a little boring to the average person, but people seriously interested in ancient or indigenous cultures can freak out over small pottery shards.

4. Geologist

Pay: Up to $100,000

Some geologists focus on specific areas. They might work at a station that carefully monitors a volcano, fault line, or other geological formation.

Others travel the world to study a variety of geological formations. This lets them perform research that they can apply to phenomena in other places. For instance, studying the Greendale Fault in New Zealand, which had an earthquake in 2010, could offer insights into fault zones in North America and other parts of the world. That can help scientists predict devastating events before they happen, giving people time to evacuate.

What other jobs interest you because they can take you all over the world? Do you think you would eventually get tired of traveling, or is that the main reason you’re attracted to these careers?

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