Top 3 Beginner Couponing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Top 3 Beginner Couponing Mistakes You Need to Avoid 300x199 Top 3 Beginner Couponing Mistakes You Need to AvoidEveryone has a financial goal, one that’s worth saving every penny for. There’s no doubt about it, coupons can be a great way to save money on almost everything, from food to a dinner out to a great new shirt. However, they can also end up costing you money if you aren’t careful. So what are the top three couponing mistakes and how can you avoid them?

Mistake Number 1:


Using coupons to buy things you don’t really need. A bargain isn’t a bargain if you don’t need the item in question or don’t use it. This is particularly true of food, since it spoils. A $50 shirt that you bought with a 50% off coupon isn’t a good deal if you wear it once and forget about it. Make sure you’ll actually use the things you intend to use coupons for. 

Mistake Number 2:


Buying the largest package available because you have a coupon. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is usually to buy the smallest package available, or the smallest package allowed by the terms of the coupon. Make sure you read the small print! Buying the 4 pack of toilet paper won’t mean you’re going to run out, because there are coupons for it in almost every Sunday newspaper. The same is true for almost every “essential” product. That being said, stores will sometimes put the bigger packages of things on sale, but not the smaller. Double check every price before you decide on the size of package you want to buy.

Mistake Number 3:


Not comparing brand names to store brands. The brand name with a coupon is not always cheaper than the store brand. Sometimes it’ll save you money to buy the cheaper store brand than the more expensive brand name that you have a coupon for. The inverse is also true, though, so make sure you double check. This doesn’t just apply to food, either. Check different stores that you have coupons for and see if they have a similar item to the one you want. You might have to be willing to keep an open mind towards details, but having some style wiggle room can save you serious bucks!

If you are mindful of these three mistakes while shopping with coupons, you can have a positive experience. Just imagine that vacation or new car you’ll be able to afford! Maybe you’ll even find a coupon for it.


Madyson Grant is a professional writer with 10+ years experience. She enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her family. Also, check out coupon codes and SkullCandy promo codes.

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