Tips for Maintaining Your Natural Latex Mattress

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Your natural latex mattress provides a sustainable, hypoallergenic surface for a comfortable slumber. When given the proper care, your mattress can last for generations. Follow these tips to the letter and your mattress is sure to remain in the best possible shape for years to come.

Carry Out Frequent Airings

Airing out your natural latex mattress helps maintain freshness and eliminate odors. Regular airings will allow the mattress to breathe. Airing out is simple. Every four weeks remove all bedding and mattress coverings and allow the mattress to sit uncovered for an entire day. Avoid using chemical fresheners on your mattress. Instead, apply a light sprinkling of sodium bicarbonate directly to the mattress, and vacuum it up at the end of the day.

Ensure Even Use

The longest possible life for your latex mattress can be obtained by ensuring even and consistent wear. Constantly sleeping in the same area can cause indentations and impressions that may become permanent over the years without proper rotation. Your natural latex mattress should be flipped twice a year and rotated from headboard to footboard every three months.

Start With a Good Foundation

Ensuring that your mattress has all the support it needs is the first step in securing a long life for the mattress. A good foundation is stable, raises the mattress off the floor and allows the fibers and latex core to breathe. The mattress frame should be completely flat with at least four legs. Center support is essential to prevent sagging, but the under support should not be completely enclosed. Frames constructed of wood must be made of a good solid hardwood to provide proper support. Be sure to frequently inspect all frame hardware, and tighten any loose screws or bolts.

Prevent Moisture

One of the advantages offered by a latex mattress is the natural antimicrobial properties. Preventing moisture is an essential part of maintaining this feature. Accumulated moisture can cause mold growth and attract unwanted organisms. Place the mattress in a relatively moisture free environment. Excess moisture can be eliminated with a dehumidifier. Avoid using any liquids, such as beverages, around the mattress. Use a mattress covering under the bedclothes as a barrier to accidental spills.

Practice Daily Care

As with any mattress, following a few common sense rules will significantly increase the lifespan of a natural latex mattress. Avoid any type of heat directly applied to the mattress. Electrical appliances should be placed on a hard wood or metal surface and not your mattress. Never smoke in or around your bed. This increases the risk of fire or unsightly burns. Only burn candles on a stable surface and at a safe distance from your mattress. Avoid unnecessary wear. Never allow anyone to jump up and down on the bed or move the mattress to the floor. Following these simple tips will prolong the life and comfort of your mattress. Visit Latex Mattress Sydney for the best selection of latex mattresses

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