The Most Bizarre Baby Products You Won’t Need

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Product inventors try to come up with cutting-edge products that will sell like hotcakes. But sometimes, the idea and product execution is ridiculous. One can always find bizarre products on online catalogue and brochure that make you wonder if anyone will ever buy them. Check out these outrageously bizarre baby products that you’ll never use.


The Hamburger Baby Costume: Unless it’s Halloween, this baby hamburger costume won’t be used too often. First of all, this costume doesn’t look comfortable for the baby; it makes them sit in an uncomfortable face-down position, which poses a choking hazard. And another thing that makes this product ridiculous is that it isn’t marketed for Halloween.


The Poche Suit: This product was made for parents with slippery fingers. Basically, this is a fancy footie pajama that helps parents get a good grip on the baby so he/she won’t fall. However, there aren’t a lot of parents who drop their babies all the time, so there isn’t a need for a baby griping pajama. Plus, the construction of the garment can actually cause you to drop the baby, which is highly ironic.


Hipp Mama Belt: The Hipp Mama Belt is a product that holds things like bottles and toys. Sounds practical, right? Well, although it’s practical, it looks like a bottle-holding fancy pack. If you have a diaper bag, then why on earth would you need this belt? A diaper bag does a good job of lugging around stuff, and it is 20 times more stylish than a baby bottle fanny pack.


Beeni Baby Hat: Sure, a lot of parents hate having to pick up their baby’s pacifier all the time, but strapping the baby’s pacifier to his/ her mouth is over exaggerating. First, it presents a choking hazard. On top of that, it looks more like a baby muzzle. What mentally sane parent wants their baby to wear a pacifier-holding muzzle?


The Daddle: The Daddle is a saddle designed for dads that’s supposed to be used for piggyback rides. This product is more humiliating for the father than the baby.


Baby Keeper Hanging Harness: Have you ever needed to use a public restroom and have no place to put your baby? Well thanks to the Baby Keeper, you can attach hooks to the bathroom stall and let your baby just dangle in a convenient harness. This product is ridiculous and a safety hazard for your baby.


Peter Potty Toddler Urinal: Potty training a toddler is difficult, which is why some inventor thought a portable toddler urinal was practical. Unfortunately, the idea is weird. Why can’t the toddler use a regular toilet?


The Baby Bottom Fan: This product is a fan designed to dry the baby’s bottom after a bath or diaper change. Isn’t a towel useful enough for drying a baby’s wet bottom? In addition to being unnecessary, this product isn’t practical because it increases drying times by a long shot.


The Snozzie: The Snozzie is a convenient bugger-holding wristband, so parents can wipe the baby’s nose anywhere. Unless you want to wear your baby’s mucus all day long, then you should stick with regular facial towels for booger removal.


Written by Kay Anderson


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