The 5 Skills Every Good Manager Should Have

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Being a manager for a company requires a broad range of skills, and successful managers constantly work to find new ways to improve. While the job can be challenging, most find management to be rewarding. While no two great managers are alike, many have overlapping skill sets. Here are five skills common to all great managers.

 The 5 Skills Every Good Manager Should Have



Managing a company requires being able to adapt to changing circumstances. No matter how well prepared a manager is, he or she cannot guarantee that the situation will not change at some point. Flexibility is difficult to teach; it requires an ability to detect changes and respond appropriately. Some managers have an innate ability to adapt while others must hone this skill, but all great managers are able to deal with changing situations.


In many ways, the main responsibility of a manager is to be able to communicate. Managers often interact with customers, and those who are able to satisfy upset customers without promising them too much are poised to succeed. Managers must also be able to communicate well with employees, and successful management requires an ability to deliver bad news as gracefully as possible. Again, some managers take time to fully learn how to communicate effectively, but good managers constantly seek to improve their communication skills.


Managers must also be able to motivate employees to constantly push themselves and do well. This is a difficult skill to learn as employees have different motivations, and techniques used to successfully motivate one employee may fail for others. By learning about individual employees and learning what motivates them, managers are able to develop new means of encouraged employees to strive to do better.


The role of a manager goes beyond dealing with people, and most managers are expected to provide valuable insight that cannot be gleaned with software or simple analysis. Managers are expected to provide ideas for progressing in the future, and their knowledge of employees gives them the skills needed to tailor optimal solutions for the employees they manage. This skill takes time for managers to learn, and a great manager will constantly strive to provide better analyses in the future.


Great managers never feel as if they have maximized their ability to serve their company and their employees, and the best managers constantly track how well they are performing and seek methods of improving. Their is no perfect set of management techniques, but this does not stop great managers from trying to find optimal ways to achieve certain goals. A manager who is satisfied with his or her performance will cease to improve, and great managers know this. Training providers such as HBA Sydney are a good place to start if you want to improve your skills & abilities.

Working in management can be challenging, and those who work as managers understand the challenges the job entails. Despite these difficulties, managers are often satisfied with their jobs as the act of helping a company and its employees succeed can be tremendously rewarding.


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