Summer Safety: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Home Yard Safer for Kids

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safe backyard 300x261 Summer Safety: 5 Sure Fire Ways to Make Your Home Yard Safer for KidsMaking your lawns and gardens safe for kids is an important thing. Safety features can prevent some of the most common types of accidents in the home, and provide you with peace of mind when your children are old enough to play outside without constant supervision. These five tips for lawn safety are simple, efficient ways to ensure your family is as safe as possible.


Install Proper Fencing


Fencing that is properly installed makes your backyard a safe place for kids to play. Privacy fencing is ideal if you live in an urban area, but there are several different types of fencing that is perfectly acceptable for safety. Fencing should cover the perimeter of any pools, ponds or other bodies of water on your property, in addition to surrounding the perimeter of the property. You can have your fencing installed professionally and affordably with AAA Fence Pros.


Lawn Care


Keeping the lawn well trimmed is an important safety feature when children play on the property frequently. Grass can hide hidden dangers and cause injury. Cutting the grass often also reduces the population of snakes, insects and small animals that may carry disease. Make sure to check for holes or other signs of animals while mowing. Holes can cause a serious leg or ankle injury when left unfilled.


Clean Water


Water in pools, birdbaths or ponds can quickly become contaminated by larvae from insects when left untreated during the warmer months of the year. You can try using a natural method to eliminate larvae by introducing specific fish breeds into ponds, or by treating the water with a chlorine based chemical designed for pools. Birdbaths should be emptied and refilled with fresh, clean water frequently to ensure mosquitoes and other pests aren’t breeding in the water.


Use Walkways and Good Lighting


Landscaping features like walkways and solar lighting along paths can help your children, and you, avoid injury. Walkways should be kept clear of debris and outdoor tools and toys to prevent falls. Lighting your walkways provides an extra layer of safety for children and adults.


Watch Plants


Some types of plants look beautiful in your garden. Those same plants can be toxic to children and pets, however, and should be monitored closely when children are nearby. You can add fencing around your gardens if you have children playing near potentially dangerous plants, or you can simply remove any toxic flowers and replace them with a child friendly alternative to ensure the risk is minimized.

placeholder Summer Safety: 5 Sure Fire Ways to Make Your Home Yard Safer for Kids


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