Paperless Bookkeeping for Home or Office

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people with laptop 295x300 Paperless Bookkeeping for Home or OfficeBusinesses are constantly searching for new ways to cut down on costs and helping save the environment. The current movement of going green is thriving. One of the many ways you can save and be green, whether at your home or office, is by going paperless. Lucion Technologies File Center and File Convert is the perfect option for you to get a paperless filing system organized. Using online sources for filing and bookkeeping can help you stay organized and environmentally friendly.

Paperless Filing Software

One way you can utilize paperless bookkeeping is by using filing assistant software. It is more efficient and organized by using a program to help you with all the paperwork life hands us. The first step is to scan your paperwork into the system. Receipts, word documents and PDF files are all easily searchable with the help of a filing assistant. Programs are now more effective tools because the items that are scanned in are instantly filed in easy to search areas.

Convert Documents

Lucion Technologies continues to make bookkeeping simple by also offering File Convert. How often have you been working with documents that need to be changed into PDF format? With the new standard of using PDF files to share and archive information, it is important that out dated filing systems be converted. However, this process is often difficult and time consuming. That is not the case when using File Convert.

The ability to convert existing files and new ones into PDF format is easy with File Convert because you can batch them in bulk. You have the option of either recreating them as PDFs or keeping the originals and create a copy. Keyword searches can still be utilized, making it easy to find new and old files. File Convert will work seamlessly with a high-speed scanner, taking documents quickly and sorting them into appropriate files. Take advantage of the cover-sheet feature, which splits large documents into individual files. You can even instruct the system to sort and save files where you want them.

Track Spending

With the ease of scanning, it makes organization one-step simpler. This is a great feature that will help the homemaker organize receipts and correspondence, but also advanced enough to help the entrepreneur catalog invoices and reports. For those of you that prefer the Windows experience, File Center offers the Explorer view for your ease.  File names, layouts and preview features are available to help assist you to work faster and more efficiently. All this is possible with the use on electronic filing cabinets. With a search options built in, it makes looking for that particular report far easier than shuffling through folders and boxes.

File Editing

One of the best features of this software is the ability to edit the files you create. We have all had that experience of editing our files, particularly PDF files, but find roadblocks in our way to complete the task. File Center is designed so even a novice to editing can find it simple. With a click of the mouse, you can merge, split, combine, or delete pages easy. Electronically signing or adding notes to a document can be completed without ever having to leave the page. Simply drag and drop items to be edited and continue on without being hindered by difficult software.

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