Modernise your mother or grandmother’s engagement ring for your fiancé-to-be

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There is nothing that says you love your girlfriend more than passing down heirloom stones. Giving your partner an engagement ring containing precious stones that once belonged to your mother or grandmother’s ring is an extremely touching sentiment. Not only does it show that you have gone a long way to make her happy, but it also shows that your family accept your girlfriend. She will feel elated by the fact that your mother or grandmother likes them enough to feel comfortable passing on something so special. There are no other engagement rings that possess such a precious meaning.

Although jewellery trends tend to shift very conservatively, there is often a considerable difference in styles between generations. While it is certainly sentimental to use an heirloom ring, you might find that it isn’t quite to your girlfriend’s taste.  Lots of people are actually unaware of the fact that they can merely take heirloom stones and incorporate them into a new engagement ring. This is a really unique and special type of jewellery design that is offered by only the top jewellers. Remember to pick the jeweller with caution because you don’t want the stones to be compromised or the final outcome to be disappointing. This service is usually entitled ‘reconstruction’  and involves taking the stones from one piece of jewellery and incorporating them into a brand new piece of custom jewellery.

You can completely transform the ring in order to come up with a bespoke jewellery design of your own. You have an extensive choice of different metals and different ring settings. Moreover you can actually add more gemstones or diamonds if you wish to do so. When it comes to the setting take a look at the different styles online and get advice from the jeweller you have chosen.

img2 Modernise your mother or grandmother’s engagement ring for your fiancé to be

If you are looking for a top jeweller to provide you with this special reconstruction service look no further than Haywards of Hong Kong. They have a huge amount of experience regarding engagement rings and custom made jewellery design. They will be able to turn your heirloom stones into a gorgeous engagement ring that is assured to put a huge smile on your girlfriend’s face.

placeholder Modernise your mother or grandmother’s engagement ring for your fiancé to be


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