Master Spas – Important Care and Maintenance Tips

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Hot tubs and spas need to be maintained appropriately to avoid damages and repairs. It is quite easy to care for your Master Spas with a bit of effort and hard work. There are some important care tips that need to be considered while using these hot tubs. Fortunately, it is quite easy to learn these basic tips.

How to Care For your Hot Tub?

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The use of chemicals: The most important care tip includes the use of chemicals in the hot tubs to keep the water sanitized and fresh. Two types of chemicals are used to sanitize the water in the spas. Chlorine and bromine are the two chemicals used for sanitizing the water. These chemicals eliminate the bacteria present in the hot water tub. But it is important to maintain a proper level of these chemicals. Bromine is used in hot tubs as it dissolves quickly in hot temperatures. It is also important to balance the pH level of the water.

Oxidization: Another important care tip for Master Spa hot tubs includes oxidization of the water. It is basically the procedure of restoring oxygen in the water which is exhausted due to the constant usage of the hot tubs. Lack of oxygen can cause several problems. The use of proper chemicals can ensure that the water is oxidized appropriately.

Pump seal: Maintenance of the pump seal is highly essential to extend the life of the hot tubs. The motor shaft in the hot tubs is protected by the pump seals. So, it is quite important to replace these seals every two years. If these seals are broken, water from the hot tubs is sprayed onto the motor and the circuit boards, causing irrevocable damages. Timely replacement of the pump seals will ensure proper functioning of the hot tubs.

Detergents and other contaminants: Excessive usage of oils, sprays, makeup, detergents, foams, soaps and fragrances can contaminate and block the filters of the hot tubs. It is important to remove these contaminants from the water so that it stays fresh and hygienic. Water in the hot tubs should be changed every 6 months to eliminate unwanted contaminants. Different types of cleansers are available in many of the online stores which can be used to clean and sanitize the hot tubs effectively.

Water jets: The water jets may get corroded and this can lead to foaming of water in the hot tubs. Defoamers can be used to eliminate the foam in the water. It is also important to check the calcium levels of the water present in the hot tub.

The walls and floors of your master spas can be cleaned thoroughly by draining the water and using a good shell cleaner. All these simple care tips will ensure a long life for your precious hot tub.

This educational piece of content is created by Sam Rutter, Guest writer and strategist for Master Spa Parts, a leading source and supplier of master spas and accessories like spa filters, Pumps, hot tub parts, spa chemicals etc.

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