Lighting – A History In Style.

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Since the invention of the lightbulb in the 1880s by Thomas Edison. Light fixtures seem somewhat taken for granted. However A correct light shade, or stand can completely change the feeling of a room! A make or break you might say?

So, when we think of Lighting and style we instantly think of Tiffany lamps, well, I do at least. It’s not really a coincidence when you think about it. I find most Tiffany lamps to be garish and drab. The style is extremely typical of the Art Nouveau period which was at it’s most prolific during 1890 and 1910. Naturally the lightbulb became hot property and everyone who was anyone had lighting installed.

With the installation of lightbulbs came fashion to disguise them and enhance them. Tiffany Lamps became the standard must have, embodying the new technology with the new artistic movement. Hence why everyone can tell you what a Tiffany lamp is.

The main feature of the Tiffany lamp is the cohesion of metal work with delicate glass designs. Much like the stain glass windows in a church. With fashions being revived a glass and metal design lamp would be perfect for any room of your house. I’d recommend these Glass Lamp Shades. They’re elegant, timeless, sophisticated, yet interestingly modern. flush mounted ceiling composition 9 lights Fortuny  79573 zoom Lighting   A History In Style.

placeholder Lighting   A History In Style.


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