Impress a today’s generation girl the right way

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Impress a today’s generation girl the right way Impress a today’s generation girl the right way

Ok people, so you’ve got a girl in mind who you want to impress. Maybe you see her every morning while jogging or maybe she works in your office. But what is the first step? This is exactly where many men get trapped and with the fear of pushing her away, they ultimately lose the girl to a smarter guy. Listen carefully to the advices given below if you do not want to suffer such a sad loss!

The first step is to figure out if she has any interest in you. If she does, it makes your work much easier. Notice the smile she gives you and that will tell you that she is interested. Sometimes if you pass by her she would fix her hair or give her hair a shake. She wouldn’t be taking even that minor effort if she weren’t interested. So if there are any signs to tell you that the girl likes you, then your next move will become much easier. But if that spark is missing from her side, then what? Yes, it will make things a little more difficult for you but nothing is impossible. The next few tips will tell you how to impress her if she is not interested in you.

Being good looking is not just building up your muscles and having a good face look. There are quite a few girls who go after the looks of a guy. But most often, the smarter girls don’t entirely make their choice based on looks. Other aspects for a girl to be attracted to a boy include hygiene, being dressed nicely, and wearing appropriate accessories. Being dirty will put off any woman. A bad smell coming out of you, your clothes, or your mouth will immediately have an adverse effect. So if you are one of those guys who are not very hygienic, you need to look into it before it’s too late. Trim those nails, wash and trim your hair regularly and get tidied up to impress a girl. Next, look carefully at your wardrobe. You don’t need expensive clothes to impress a girl but they should definitely be keeping up with the current trends. Having your clothes clean, neat, and ironed shows a girl that you are clean in everything that you do. Along with your clothes, the other accessories that you put on you also say a lot about you. Wear shoes and ties that complement the rest of your attire and a good quality watch on your hand will certainly give you a fashionable look.

Besides your looks, it is also important to be thoughtful to a girl because all women are sensitive and if they see that you are caring, it will be a plus factor for you. However, don’t fake your feelings because they can easily see right through you and that will be a big turn off. Furthermore, even though girls like attention, do not overdo it. A casual hi and hello at the start is fine but please don’t stalk her. Once you have reached the conversation stage, take her out. Don’t take too much time in asking her out and do it in a very modest way. While on your date, talk to her about things she likes and things that are fun to her.


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