How to Take Care of Yourself When Your Identity Has Been Stolen

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How to Take Care of Yourself When Your Identity Has Been Stolen 300x168 How to Take Care of Yourself When Your Identity Has Been StolenFinding out that your identity has been stolen can be a terrifying experience. Maybe you received a collections call from a company that you don’t remember doing business with. Maybe your credit score has unexpectedly plummeted despite being financially responsible. Whatever the case, identity theft can and does happen to innocent people every day, and it’s imperative to take action immediately if it happens to you.


Place a Fraud Alert on Your Credit Record


Of course, the first thing you’ll want to do to discontinue negative repercussions from the thief’s wrongdoings is report fraudulent activity to one of the three credit reporting agencies. These are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Keep in mind that when one is notified, they will notify the other two so that everybody is on the same page. You will want to also ask them to block and remove any accounts associated with the fraudulent activity from your account.


File a Police Report


Next, you should file a police report. You want evidence that you acknowledged the fraudulent activity when it happened, and it is likely that the credit reporting agencies will want copies of the police report.


Keep Track of Phone Records and Documents


Additionally, keep track of everything that you do from the point you find out about the fraudulent activity and going forward. This information will strongly help you in your case against the thief, and it will also help you to various forms of compensation for your financial grief. Keep the log in a safe spot, and frequently log anything that could be related to the case.


Take Out a Legal Case Against the Identity Thief


Once you have enough evidence to pinpoint and convict the person that has been using your identity, it’s time to speak consult a representative at a social security attorney Charlotte location. They can help you build a solid case that will prove your innocence and convict the guilty for the financial misery that they caused for you. Do not neglect this step or you could have to rebuild your finances and credit without any help.


Overall, acting fast in an identity theft case is the most integral part of the recovery process. Waiting to report suspicious activity or fraud can hurt your case, as cases that happened further in the past are harder to crack. If you closely follow these steps and tips, you should have no problem with restoring your finances and bringing the thief to justice.

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