How to successfully sell a second hand Rolex watch

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Rolex watches are very popular and second hand models are worth a lot of money. Even if a Rolex is several years old, there are many collectors who are willing to pay the asking price and possibly more. Some collectors even purchase Rolex watches that aren’t working. If an old Rolex is found in a drawer but it no longer works, a collector could still pay handsomely for it. They could try to get a watch working again or have spare parts which can be used for fixing other Rolex’s. So, how to sell a second hand Rolex watch?

Exchange websites

There are many websites which specialise in buying Rolex watches. Just like a website which buys DVD’s, gold and books, a quote can be offered instantly for it. By entering information about a Rolex, a quote appears onscreen. There is no obligation to accept the quote because it has been obtained speculatively. To find the best quote, several websites should be referred to. The first quote which is provided mustn’t be accepted. This is because a better quote could be found. By referring to multiple websites, a ballpark figure for a Rolex watch can be known. Therefore, a more acceptable quote can be obtained when a person wishes to sell a second hand Rolex watch.

Once an acceptable quote has been found, it must be confirmed with the website which gave it. A box is then sent along with details about a quote and customer details. When the company that provided the quote receives the box, they will send payment by cheque or through a bank transfer. As a quote has already been accepted, it won’t take long for payment to arrive. If money is needed urgently, this is a very convenient option.

Online auction sites

There are many online auction sites where a better price can be gained for a Rolex watch than what is paid by an exchange website. Many auction sites, such as EBay, have a ‘Reserve’ price. Some sellers make the mistake of not setting a minimum figure which bids must reach and, as a result, they have sold a Rolex for a couple of pounds. However, by setting a ‘Reserve’ price, the amount of money which it sells for is what a seller wanted – it could even be more when many bids are placed. A seller on EBay and other auction sites doesn’t necessarily have to pay postage. This is because the person who buys a Rolex can cover postage costs. However, postage can also be paid for by the seller. Consequently, the buyer doesn’t accrue additional cost.

High street shop

There are plenty of shops on the high street which offer a good price for Rolex watches. Just like when referring to multiple exchange websites, quotes should be obtained from several high street shops to get the best possible price. Some shops that buy second hand watches might offer a low price when compared to others. By asking around, a shop that offers a very good price can be found. Unlike what happens online, a Rolex doesn’t have to be posted to the person who bought it. This is because as soon as a quote has been agreed on and cash has been handed over, a Rolex is then given to the shop which is now its new owner.

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