How To Style A Dining Table and Chairs

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images3 300x200 How To Style A Dining Table and Chairs Whether you have a time-honored or heirloom dining table, four Louis XIV chairs you found and bought at a flea market or just want to design a conservation piece from your diversified room, there are ways to create a stunning dinning set out of mismatched pieces. Following a few guidelines and some of artistry, you can put together a dining tables and chairs that will be the spotlight of your home.

1. You have to measure your table and chairs. The chairs must easily slide under the table and have enough clearance for a seated guest’s legs. You must check the width as well as the height, especially for tables with corner legs that the chairs must fit between.

2. Match one element to your décor. If you own a modern and classy home and possess a flaunting Georgian dining table, you must pick type of cloth or leather covered contemporary chairs to coordinate the designs together. You can dress up a shaker table with a solid Queen Ann chairs to suit your formal décor.

3. Incorporate the set by color. You can shop for variety of chairs or a different style table, all in cherry wood. Or, you should try sleek black lacquer modern table with distinctive wooden chairs that have all been painted white or bright red for a pleasing hip look. Then, pair a formal table with cherry and oak inlays with a mix of cherry and oak chairs.

4. Pick at same time. You must know that wood color is very hard to match, especially if you have old table and are planning on buying new chairs. You can try pair of walnut Victorian table with mahogany Victorian chairs, and the matching designs will unify the set.

5. You need to balance the mismatched pieces. Place the two leather armchairs at the head and foot of the table and the wood chairs along the sides. If you have two low-backed chairs and six high-backed, place the low chairs across from each other at the center of the table. Mismatched items can give the room a feeling of clutter.

6. You must buy pieces of the same scale. Like for example, a heavy woo table require heavy wood chairs.

7. Never forget to match the upholstery. Smartly chairs of varying styles, but cover the seats in matching fabric to coordinate the set. Select complementary drapery to further intensify the space of the room.


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