How To Make Your Own Crazy Pictures

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Pictures are worth a thousand words but you can make it worth and memorable even more by putting some humorous touches.  These days, there are numerous ways that can be done to edit and modify a photo to make it more comical. You can have the old-fashioned way of drawing on or changing a printed photo. Also, you can seek the assistance of Photoshop software to make it more realistic yet funny. It is now easy and fast to turn a flat photo into a whirlwind of laughter with a few simple tips.

Be a maverick with markers. Lay the printed photo in front of you and alter it with permanent markers. Press very lightly or the markers will not draw well on the picture’s glossy finish. You can draw wide and big eyes or a hat on someone or put glasses on your pet dog.

You can use the old water and cotton swab technique.

With the photo in front of you, dab the area you wish to alter with a damp sponge. Once the photo soaks a second, take a cotton swab and press slightly on the area you wish to blot out. You must be specific with the cotton swab technique as the water will make the photo finish very pure. It is a perfect way to eradicate of people’s faces in pictures so you can sketch on alien heads.

Stick them up. You have to beautify the printed photo with the huge selections of stickers.  Give them a new look by putting a little ladybugs in someone’s mouth or design your own stickers with sticker paper or the leftover parts of mailing labels.

Play with a scanned or digital photo in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous and widely used photo editors that can give you nothing but the best editing. By selecting one of the tools on the toolbar, you can do everything from using the PaintBucket tool to shade someone’s face to employing the paintbrush choice to draw squiggles and other embellishment.

You can edit the scanned or digital pictures using whatever photo program you have with you. You have to open and choose the edit option. It will let you see the choices. Some of the common options are exposure, saturation, cropping and highlights. You can play with the different levels to see what you can design. Moreover, you can open the image with the Paint program, which will then let you use the tools to modify and make crazy funny pictures.



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