How To Get A Free Legal Consultation From Licensed Attorneys

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14 300x106 How To Get A Free Legal Consultation From Licensed Attorneys

If you do have a legal kind of problem, you must seek an advice from licensed lawyer before you proceed and take any actions.  A professional lawyer can help you make a decision on whether you have a valid claim in the case of a civil issue or whether you have a valid defense in the case of criminal complaints.

Many of the lawyers will even tell you when you do not need to expend the money to get the service of an attorney and give you suggestion on how to precede pro se (without a lawyer). If you do not have money to pay for the fee on an initial consultation, you can look for an attorney who offers free consultations.

1. Know the type of layer you are wanting and needing for your case before you take your first leap. Most of the attorneys are dedicated on just one or two areas of the law. You have to make sure your consultation is with an attorney who career is in the area your need. Some of the most famous practice areas are the criminal law, criminal law, bankruptcy law, contract law, real estate law, corporate law and many others

2. Browse through the web for the list of possible attorneys in your state who practice the type of law you are looking for. For an instance, the “criminal lawyer” or “divorce lawyer”. Of course, the professional lawyers will promote and advertise on their websites which type of cases they accept and are expert with. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can go to your local library and surf the web there. Go and visit their websites and see if they have free consultations. Remember, to make a list of the lawyers who promote free consultations within the practice area that you need.

3. You can contact the local bar association and explain the type of lawyer you are looking for and ask them for referrals of attorneys who give free consultations. All the states have a bar association and some cities or counties also have their own bar association.

4. Edit your possible list by closeness, length of time practicing or other criteria you feel and know are essential once you have a number of choices.

5. Call the lawyers who are still on your list and make known clearly that they give free consultations. Politely ask them how long the consultation will last and when they could get you in for prearranged meeting. Pertaining to the response to your queries, get an appointment with one or more attorneys and request a free legal consultation.






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