How To Fight or Prevent Cancer With Diet

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16  How To Fight or Prevent Cancer With DietThere is a lot of talk about how you can fight or prevent cancer. Recent study shows a certain type of anti-cancer diet can decrease the chances of suffering from this condition significantly. There are various ways which you can follow to improve your diet while staying healthy and fit.

There are lots of foods that can help your body fight or prevent your diet and enjoy this and many other health benefits. They have chemical compounds that can boost your level of protection. So, you might be shocked to know that most of these healthful foods are plant-based.

Some of the best anti-cancer foods are the dark leafy vegetables like spinach, vegetables from the cabbage family and tomatoes, asparagus and beans. Strawberries, raspberries, grapes and blueberries are well-known anti-cancer fruits. Strawberries and raspberries have chemical compounds known as ellagic acid, which helps you fight or prevent formation of tumor and slow tumor growth.

You must dismiss yourself form eating process meats like sausages, ham and ready meatballs for burgers because they have higher chances of stomach, colon and rectal cancer. Also, you must limit yourself from taking in large amount of sugar. This is very crucial since it can combine with the healthy foods in your anti-cancer diet and decrease their effect. Moreover, it triggers to gaining weight which a big risk for many kinds of cancer especially breast cancer.

Do you know that the way you cook your food plays an important in your health protection? For an instance, when you heat oils rich in saturated fats in the pan the chemical reaction and composition is changed and they can become carcinogenic. This process is similar with how you fry, grill and broil your foods. They can often lead to higher risk of cancer and that is why steaming and stewing methods are highly recommended for healthy cooking.

Drinking lots of water has long been proven as one of the best ways to fight in any kinds of diseases even cancer because it rinses the harmful toxins out of your body. However, consumption of alcohol can provoke the risk of certain types of cancer, so you need to learn that you must control you intake per day. On the other hand, there are other good beverages like the tomato and grape juices. Also, green tea is a popular and beneficial drink because it contains anti-cancer properties.

For best results, it will not hurt you to consider and follow all these anti-cancer diet pointers.

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