How to Build Your Backyard Shangri-La

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How to Build Your Backyard Shangri La 300x188 How to Build Your Backyard Shangri LaAre hot tubs expensive? This is a question that may surprise you when looking to transform your backyard into an inspiring sanctuary. Money might be better spend on other methods to build a backyard Shangri-La. A few options may give you an idea of where to start.


Set a Budget


You will need to determine the budget for any backyard project. A budget is required to ensure that you account for all expenses and do not make unnecessary purchases. You will then be able to get a price to determine the total scope of the landscaping project for your backyard.


Water Features


One type of water feature to add to your backyard sanctuary is a Koi pond. You can also add a bird bath that will attract birds of all types. If you choose to add a small pond, then set up a pump that runs water over rocks or create a waterfall. Another option is to add various types of yard art, such as statues, with a water pump.


Fire Pits


These are a feature that consists of a standard fire pit or the installation of a fireplace. A fireplace will go with a backyard that has a pool area. If you do not have a pool, then incorporate a fire pit for ambiance or to keep warm when outside at night. You can add natural stone to use for seating, add a bench, or a swing to enjoy the night sky.


Add a Garden


A garden gives you a way to add color and atmosphere to your backyard. Choose flowers that give you various scents and pretty looking flowers. You can also plant herbs that you can use for cooking. There are many choices of plants and flowers that you can incorporate into a garden. Make sure to lay a stone path using pavers or natural stone.


Bushes and Saplings


Plant small trees or bushes around the perimeter of your backyard. This is a great way to add green to a backyard sanctuary or to create privacy. You can make your backyard an appealing place for you and to anyone that is there for a visit.


Ground Cover


This is the addition of mulch or stone peddles around trees or other areas where grass cannot grow. The stone pebbles are a great way to create a walkway in your backyard. If you want to have grass areas in your back yard, then consider the use of sod instead of planting grass seed.

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