How To Become An Expert Electrician

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Becoming an expert electrician is not easy task at all. They are the elite of a highly skilled trade and usually work as supervisors and/or own their own contracting businesses. They are in charge for installing and maintaining the complex circuitry and wiring that brings power to the many electrical devices e use day in homes, offices and factories.

They are one of the more popular choices of those who are finding jobs. Not only because of the great need for this type of work, but also because of the variety of jobs electricianscando. A combination of continuing education, additional hands-on training and exposure to multiple industries or roles can help you become a better electrician.

Today, the primary growth areas for master electricians are in applications that involve installing and operating computer-based video, audio, data processing systems and a lot more. The following are the tips you can follow to become a professional electrician.

1. You must take appropriate courses in high school. You must take courses in mathematics, physics and blueprint reading or shop working with electrical components. Computer-based infrastructure and wiring is becoming more a part of the electrician’s work, so courses in computer science are also a plus.

2. You can take a two-year associate’s degree in electronics at a community college or technical school.In the past, classes were a part of apprenticeships but today most aspiring electricians start with a program of courses in electronics, physics such as electrical theory, mathematics and safety and building codes. You must take advantage of internships and placement programs to move on to an apprenticeship.

3. Complete an apprenticeship to become a licensed electrician. It will always require you about two years to complete the program if you already have the classroom work finished or otherwise it’s about four years. The apprenticeship programs are sponsored and supervised by organizations such as the International Brotherhood of Electricians and the National Association of Contractors.

4. You must take exam to become a licensed electrician. There is no standardized national test, so you must check with your apprenticeship supervisor about arranging to take the exam.

5. Lastly, you must continue on your education on the job and/or earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. In order to be eligible for the exam for master’s electrician you must undergo seven years of experienceor the college degree. Other states also require a separate test to become a contractor.




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