Hospital Negligence Claims: When Can a Patient File a Case Against a Hospital?

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When we fall ill, we often go to the doctor for treatment, and in serious cases, the doctors send us to the hospital for cure. We believe that the hospitals have trained and expert medical practitioners who can provide us with the right diagnosis and correct treatment. The hospitals under the National Health Service (NHS) have fantastic infrastructure and facilities to provide the patients with excellent healthcare and treatment. In most of the cases, the NHS doctors are successful in treating the diseases. However, occasionally, the negligence of the hospital authority of doctors results in the pain and suffering of the patients. In some cases, the condition of the patients aggravates causing great suffering pain, and in the worst instances, death. If you have suffered due to the negligence of the hospital, you can file hospital negligence claims.

What Constitutes the Negligence?

Negligence occurs when a hospital employee does not execute the job assigned to him in the appropriate manner causing pain and suffering to the patients. Negligence can include failure to verify instructions, inability to follow checklists, failure to help the patients during emergency situations.  Wrong medication and failure to attend the patients when necessary can also give rise to hospital negligence compensation claims. You can also file a case when a therapist fails to follow the right protocols. To file such claims successfully, you can browse through websites like

What needs to be proved to establish the Claims?

Proving hospital negligence is not an easy affair. Intervention of a trained legal expert is important to establish the claims easily. In order to prove the authenticity of the hospital negligence claims, you need to prove the negligence of the hospital employees or authorities have caused you to suffer. If the hospital was a bit more responsible, the pain and suffering would not have occurred.

Is It Possible to Sue Hospital Staffs Other than the Physicians at the Hospital?

You can sue a hospital staff other than the physicians if his or her mistake is responsible for your pain and suffering. Be it a nurse or a therapist, a pharmacist or a medical technician, if his or her errors results in a devastating situation making you pay a big price, you can sue that hospital staff. It is advisable to seek a solicitor’s advice before suing a medical practitioner and filing claims against him or her.

What Sorts of Damages are covered after Filing a Successful Hospital Negligence Case?

You can never sue a hospital only because you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by the hospital. You need to prove that your medical condition has aggravated due to the negligence of the hospital staffs. After filing a successful hospital negligence claim case, the following damages can be covered:

  • Medical Expenses: The compensation will be able to cover the medical expenses incurred by the hospital negligence.
  • Loss of Income: Loss of earning caused by hospital negligence is often covered. If your medical condition has worsened due to the hospital negligence and you are unable to attend your office and is suffering a loss of earning, the compensation money will cover your lost income.
  • Rehabilitation Costs: The compensation will also cover the rehabilitation costs.

Choose a Good Solicitor

A good solicitor can help you establish your hospital negligence claims successfully in the court. You can have faith on the solicitor because he will deliver his best effort to help you win the compensation you deserve. Try to contact a solicitor representing a reputable law firm. Ensure that the chosen solicitor specializes in medical negligence cases.

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