High Addiction to Cell Phones can affect your Health

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E CIGARETTE BRANDS 300x196 High Addiction to Cell Phones can affect your Health

These days’ cell phones are becoming an important part of life. However, people are unaware of causes due to excessive usage of cell phone. This is the device that works on radiations which is harmful for the health. In recent times people have suffered from diseases which are incurable.

According to the survey the radiations coming from the mobile phone is able to change the brain cells which can cause cancer or tumour. However, it is not proved but still there are many health issues that people can suffer because of cell phone usage. If you are addicted to the mobile usage then you should reduce it. Your health can get affected if you ignore the tips mentioned in this article:

  1. If you keep your mobile under the pillow during sleep then you should avoid this. Keep your mobile at good distance or in almira when you are going to sleep.
  2. You need to avoid direct contact with your phone. If you use mobile for a longer time than you might get hearing problems. Your ears can get affected with the radiations produced from the phone.
  3. Nowadays people are using cell phones for commercial and social purpose. Because of such reason people are getting many calls every day. The work pressure is increased due to usage of cell phone. People are getting depressed due to work load so we can say excessive usage of mobile phone can create trouble for health.


Because of numerous reasons mobile phones are turned as a most valuable product. However, this device has increased plenty of health problems which should not be ignored. Experts say keeping mobile in pocket is also dangerous. If you keep the mobile on the upper pocket then the radiations will affect the heart valves which could lead a man to death.


Many people keep the mobile phone in lower pockets which can affect the body cells. Much usage and improper maintenance of mobile can cause big problems. People who are addicted to the mobile device should try the ways to reduce its usage. Keeping distance with mobile phone is the best way to keep you fit than known and unknown disease that occurs due to cell phones.


The major effect that is noticed in the recent period is electric shock with phones. You might get an electric shock if the device is not installed properly. If the battery of cell phone is over charged than there are chances that cell phone will get burst. Burst problem can cause big health issues for you. Many cases have been registered in regards to burst out due to default devices.


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placeholder High Addiction to Cell Phones can affect your Health


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