Helpful Tips to Maintain a Fence

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Keeping your fence at good condition requires a lot of knowledge with regards to the structure and type of the fence. You need to know that the various styles of fences need different types of maintenance.

Types of Fence and Maintenance Problems

Timber fences – Timber fencing is difficult. They usually last for decades unless damaged by accident. One main maintenance issues are likely to be a result of pieces of the fencing assembly being out of place.

Fencing Assembly Issues – Older fences tend to be affected by gravity over time and any minor alignment issues progress into concerns.

Damaged Fencing Pieces – These are not structural problems, however you have to ask how the damage happened and in some case why. It is best to replace the fence upon the discovery of the damage.

Steel Fences – This is seldom damage. Structural issues may be responsible for fences being out of alignment, but actual damage to chainwire or mesh may be a security issue.

Supports Moving – This can be a real problem, needing prompt corrective action. You have to contact a local fencing contractor and have the situation inspected immediately. This type of problem can do intense damage to large sections of fence and may indicate other issues.

Location Issues – Some places are worse than the others. For example, fences that are near the tress or in hot summer sun need to be watched.

What to Do

The maintenance routine must be done on a regular basis most likely once a month and after storms or other major weather events.

Direct physical checks

These checks should be based on looking for any changes in the condition of the fence, particularly any signs of movement or damage.

You must specifically check out of the:

Alignment – The fence should be dead level and straight.

Cross beams – It should be level and at right angles to backs up.

Support – The framework should not be leaning and shouldn’t be loose at joins.

Surface checks – You must check sign of wearing on timber and steel surfaces. Like for example, change of color may imply mold or rot with timber fencing.

When to Ask Help

Structural jobs are the one that shouldn’t be done by you because will greatly affect the stability of the fence. You have to talk to fencing contractor experts so that you can get a good idea of the issues which may involve complicated work most people aren’t equipped to try.The good news is that the experts will also be able to fix the problems, and save you a lot of money in the process.


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