Getting Great Colour without A Mop Of Straw

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Mop Of Straw 300x199 Getting Great Colour without A Mop Of StrawMany people know that colouring their hair will damage it and make it end up looking dry and uncared for. However, there are easy ways to prevent this from happening, so a colour treatment can make your hair look the best it ever has.

Professional Treatment

If you get your hair coloured at a professional salon, then you will find that they will tend to use a conditioning treatment on your hair after colouring it. This is something that you should consider doing if you colour it at home and also to do several times after colouring.

Home Treatment

Any hair treatments can upset the natural balance of the hair and so it is not surprising that it could make your hair end looking very dry. Some hair colour packs come with a conditioner included. These are supposed to help restore the hair. However, it is important to try these out and decide for yourself, whether you think that they suit you and your hair. You will probably already have experimented with different conditioning treatments and so when you try the one included with the hair dye, you will have an idea of whether it has worked well for your hair or not. You may need to add additional products after rinsing the conditioner out, if you do this normally anyway.

General Tips

You may find that your hair needs washing more or less often after colouring and it may need extra conditioning treatments or additional hair oil, serum or styling creams to keep it looking good. It is worth trying out the specific shampoos and conditioners that are designed for coloured hair, but compare them to the products that you currently use to see whether they are better or not. You may find the ones you use are better or that you have to try lots of brands to get one that works well for you.

It is also worth considering trying different brands of hair colour as these could have different effects on your hair. Some people find that more natural products work better; others find that the more expensive brands are best. You may find that the colours have an effect as well, perhaps a darker colour not being as harsh as a lighter one or vice versa.

One of the best ways to find good products are to talk to people you know that dye their hair a lot. They will be able to explain what works best for them and you could try out what they use. You could also take a look online as there are forums about hair which may provide you with some great advice.


This may seem like a rather boring and long process. You will have to try out lots of products to see which works the best for you and this will take time. It will be worth it though, when you find the right treatment for you. You can save sometime by asking around and looking online as well, so seeing what other people have found works well for them.

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