Four Wedding Favors Your Guests Won’t Ever Forget

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Four Wedding Favors Your Guests Wont Ever Forget 205x300 Four Wedding Favors Your Guests Wont Ever Forget

When it comes to wedding planning, people give wedding favors either too much thought or not near enough. Choosing the right favors can make your guests feel important and special, and it’s always a nice thank you for coming to the wedding—but don’t get caught up in sending guests away with the usual Jordan Almonds and some leftovers from the buffet! Here are five favors that they will remember for years to come.


Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are always a winner at weddings. You can pack cute bags with small candles, tea bags and elegant candy. You can add variety by choosing different types of tea, candy and fragrances for the candles. Personalize each bag so that the recipient feels extra special.


Cookies In A Jar

Mason jars filled with the ingredients to your favorite cookie recipe are sure to be a winner. It’s an affordable favor that also looks adorable. You can type up your recipe and tape it to the Mason jar with the recipient’s name. You can go for different kinds of cookies as well and let people choose their preferred flavor. This idea can be used for granola, spice mixes and hot cocoa too. Be creative and make it unique to you.


Photo Booth

This idea doubles as entertainment for the evening! Place a table full of props next to the booth so your guests can really have fun. The photos will serve as reminders of the great time they had at your wedding. You can personalize the photos so they print with your and your spouse’s name and the date of your wedding. You can even order print booklets of all the photo booth photos for yourself after the reception.

Typography Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars with your name or a special word stamped into the chocolate makes a great favor. Everyone loves chocolate, and these bars are so beautiful no one will want to eat them. Choose from a selection of white, dark or milk chocolate. These gifts are perfectly delicious for all of your guests.


There’s no need to give out plain-Jane wedding favors on your special day! Start with these ideas and see your guests’ reactions when they receive these wonderful gifts.

placeholder Four Wedding Favors Your Guests Wont Ever Forget


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