Four Ways to Have an Office Party Blowout

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Four Ways to Have an Office Party Blowout 300x181 Four Ways to Have an Office Party Blowout

Office parties can be difficult situations. You need to maximize the excitement that your staff feels, but you also need to minimize the legal risks to yourself and your company. Office parties require a lot of research and intuition in order to determine ways that you can keep your staff engaged without crossing any legal boundaries such as providing alcohol or encouraging social interaction.


1. Start An Event

An event outside of the office is one of the best ways to bring all the employees together in a neutral and non-threatening setting. Visiting theme parks, fairs, picnics, and planning a golf tournament are all great ways to keep the staff entertained without causing any problems for yourself or your company. Personalized golf products for the top performing employees can make the event even more special and foster an atmosphere of growth and achievement.


2. Promote Employee Appreciation

Employee awards are an excellent way to increase employee productivity and efficiency. Awards show employees that not only do you value their efforts but you also recognize them. Awards also encourage other employees to try harder and make certain employees into role models. All of these things create a better atmosphere and sense of community in your company while showing them that effort truly matters to the management. Employee awards don’t have to be expensive, they simply have to be visible and thoughtful such as certificates or lapel pins.


3. Be Completely Inclusive

Whenever planning an office party it’s important to be inclusive because otherwise some employees may feel left out or begin to resent the management. This means celebrating an entire gamut of different holidays and also making special arrangements for people with particular dietary needs, such as vegetarians and people who are allergic to common products such as gluten and nuts. Being inclusive will create a lasting impression on your staff and make them feel as though you truly care about taking care of them.


4. Run Everything By Human Resources

While it may not necessarily seem intuitive there are many things that may not get past human resources even though they seem perfectly reasonable to you. Today, there are many items that those who specialize in human resource law would immediately veto. This includes office parties that involve alcohol, even though this type of office party has existed for many decades. Because it’s very unpredictable what types of things may not pass through human resources, it’s very important to run every type of office party and its details past human resources before settling on a plan.

placeholder Four Ways to Have an Office Party Blowout


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