Four Tips For Budgeting On a Fixed Income

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Four Tips For Budgeting On a Fixed Income 300x154 Four Tips For Budgeting On a Fixed IncomeFinancial freedom can feel impossible when living off of a fixed income, but fortunately there are several ways to stay within the budget and even have some spending money leftover. In such a weak economy, many people are learning several ways to manage their budget with ease.


1. Track Every Dollar


It’s crucial to keep track of bills and monitor how much expenses fluctuates each month to ensure overspending is not occurring. Standard expenses like electricity and food often can increase or decrease due to many factors, making it important to monitor if you’re within the budget.


If a certain bill was under budget for the month, make a transferencia bancaria with the saved money into a savings account. This can be used if a bill is ever higher than expected in the future.


2. Use Cash


Using cash when grocery shopping or putting gas in the car each week will force you to stay within the budget that you allocate for yourself. Instead of spending more when you run out of either commodity, force yourself to wait until the next pay day, which will ensure over drafting doesn’t occur. Using cash also proves to make people spend less, making it easier to work with a fixed income.


Try to keep the cash in different envelopes to properly monitor how much is left for the month in each category.


3. Eliminate and Lower Bills


Many different companies offer discounts throughout the year or even promotional deals, which can help lower your bills. Take advantage of programs through the gas or electric company that closely monitors your usage and even sends you alerts when you’re nearing a certain limit.


Eliminate any unnecessary bills that include cable or a costly car payment. Instead, opt for monthly memberships that are half the price like Hulu or Netflix. Sell a car and purchase a used one, which will dramatically free up the budget and make it easier to survive.


4. Use Coupons


In a suffering economy, more people are using coupons to shop and make purchases. This has allowed companies to circulate even more discounts on a consistent basis, allowing many people to save hundreds of dollars a month. Purchase a newspaper on Sunday to obtain the weekly insert, which includes hundreds of dollars in coupons. Visit websites that post daily deals at local stores, and teach you how to combine coupons for even more savings. Avoid using coupons on products you don’t use on a consistent basis.


By closely monitoring your budget on a weekly basis and spending time utilizing tools to save extra money, it can be both easy and practical to live off of a fixed income, and even have money left over in the process.

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