Five Things To Look for when You Are Getting Glasses

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Five Things To Look for When you are Getting Glasses 300x216 Five Things To Look for when You Are Getting GlassesIf you wear eyeglasses, you understand how they become a part of your life. An accurate prescription is critical for computer work, driving, hobbies and other activities. Equally important is a style to suit your personality and durable frames that can take constant use. Your eye doctor understands these important issues and can provide the right eyeglasses for your lifestyle.


1 – An Experienced Eye Doctor

An experienced eye professional can help to determine the right degree of correction for your eye problems. Your eye professional should have the proper training and licensure that is required in your state. Your Fremont eye doctor can determine the best prescription for your vision needs.


2 – A Thorough Exam

Vision tests will determine the level of correction that your eyes require. Nearsightedness and farsightedness are common vision problems that require correction. These conditions often require changes in prescription over the years. Visual field screening, focus testing and viewing the back of the eye structure through the ophthalmoscope helps to analyze all aspects of your visual acuity. Your Fremont eye doctor can also detect early signs of eye disease to prevent more serious problems from developing. Diseases such as glaucoma, high blood pressure and diabetes often affect vision and should be treated early to prevent further


3 – A Range of Styles

Because your eyeglasses are with you for a major part of your life, you want them to express your personality and present an attractive appearance. An eye professional should have a wide range of styles and colors for both adults and children to allow you to choose the look that’s right for you. Eyeglass fashion changes frequently, and your eye professional should ensure that you have the current styles that are available.


4 – A Good Fit

Your eye professional should ensure that your eyeglasses have a good fit, neither too tight nor too loose. The center of vision should line up properly with the center of the eyes. Glasses should not pinch behind the ears, nor fall down the bridge of the nose. Careful attention to fitting will provide you with years of good use.


5 – After-Purchase Service

Even after your purchase, you made require occasional adjustments or repair on your eyeglasses. Ensure that your eyeglass professional can provide these services for no fee or a small fee. Friendly and accessible customer service is a part of the customer service you should expect from your eyeglass professional.

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