Five Must-Have Items For Incoming Freshmen

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Five Must Have Items For Incoming Freshmen 278x300 Five Must Have Items For Incoming Freshmen

There are many items that incoming freshmen need to bring to college to enhance their college experience and to ensure that they get through school with good grades.


A Laptop


Every college freshman should have a laptop, and as laptops become cheaper, professors throughout the country are expecting all of their students to have them. Students can use their laptops to communicate with professors or fellow students and to submit assigned papers from any location. When choosing a laptop, a freshman should consider the size of the screen, the amount of memory, the speed of the processor, the manufacturer of the laptop, and the warranty.


Student Credit Cards


Students can use credit cards to purchase basic necessities such as food and gas, or they can use these cards to buy books and materials that they will need for studying. By giving a student a credit card, a parent can effectively monitor their student’s spending on a monthly basis, and the parent can pay the student’s credit card bill each month. When searching for a credit card, a parent or a student should consider the interest rate, the credit limit, any extra fees and the ability to transfer a balance.


A Bicycle Or A Vehicle


Many students come to college without a bicycle or a vehicle, and many parents do not realize that students who do not have a method of transportation are at a serious disadvantage. By having a bicycle or a vehicle, a student can visit book stores, get to the grocery store, and explore various attractions that are near the college.


An Organizer


Every student should have an organizer when they come to college. A college student’s schedule is not as regimented as the schedule of a high school student, and as a result, many freshmen in college frequently forget about important homework assignments and miss meetings. There are way too many things to try and remember without writing them down. Assignments will fall through the cracks if students are not organized.


Extra Lights


Dorm rooms in college can be quite dingy, and the lighting can be insufficient. Various studies have shown that people focus much more easily when there is bright light in a room because bright light naturally stimulates the release of serotonin in the brain. As a result, students who study in rooms that have bright lights will be able to study much longer and much more effectively than those who study in darker rooms.


There are many items that an incoming freshman should remember to bring to college. Some of these include a laptop, student credit cards, a bicycle or a vehicle to get around, an organizer and extra lights. Will these essentials in tow, students will be ready for a successful stay at school.


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