Father’s Day Tips for the DIY Dad

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Like many dads out there, my dad is a DIY dad. You know the type: the kind of man who never asks for help, whether they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no idea where nearest freeway is or the furnace is broken and they’re suddenly stricken with the idea that they can fix it themselves without blowing the house up (nice try, dad).

If you have a similar problem, first of all I’d like to congratulate you on still being alive. After all the “projects” he no doubt undertook during your childhood, it really is an accomplishment.

Secondly, I have some good news for you. It might have been a challenge to put up with while you were young, but now you have a huge advantage on the forgotten holiday: Father’s Day. Father’s Day is lawless territory as far as holidays go – you can’t just give him the classic card-of-cash gift like you do for everyone on Christmas and birthdays. And you can’t just have some pretty flowers sent like Mother’s Day, so what can you do?

For all you DIY daughters and sons out there, the answer is simple. Get him something related to his hobby: playing Mr. Fix It. So here it is: the top ten Father’s Day gifts for DIY dads like yours.

10. Gift Cards

Any home improvement store will do. The only risk here is that he can use the money to buy anything there, so he might buy something a little more dangerous than you intended.

9. How-To Books

The hope here is that he can at least have a look at some professional advice before he starts jumping into projects. Of course, while you can lead a dad to directions, you can’t make him follow them.

8. Power Tools

Because that’s sure to make mom really happy. On second thought…

7. Non-Power Tools

Steal his drill. Then buy him a nice screwdriver set instead. He’s a lot less likely to wind up with a hole in his hand one day.

6. A Ladder

For dads that already have a ladder, you can probably find one that’s a lot less rickety and dangerous (in other words, anything but the one he has now that was made out of rejected wood scraps and rope back in 1845) and convince him to replace it.

5. A Level

At least now all of the unstable shelves he’s been hanging up won’t be crooked anymore.

4. Duct Tape

The more things that can be fixed with this, the fewer things that will have to be fixed with a hammer and nails. Not to mention, it’s like the sticky version of welding things together and a miracle of modern technology.

3. The Easy Version

Take whatever project he was planning on doing, and instead of letting him do it his way (aka, the hardest way possible) force him into taking all the shortcuts that the rest of us have been taking. If he’s putting in new floors, buy him a set of stick on tiles. Adding a mosaic to the walls? Stick on decorations.

2. A New Hobby

Get him into something simpler, like model airplanes or puzzles. If you buy him enough kits and activities for other things, eventually he’ll have to use them.

1. Someone Else to Fix It

And finally, for the best tip of all…hire a handyman. When someone else has fixed his home to perfection, he’ll have no more excuses when he gets the urge to ruin…ah, fix something.


By Lilia Otori

Lilia has been struggling with finding the perfect gifts for family and friends for many years now, and enjoys incorporating factual and humorous information in her writing. If you’re looking for things to fix for your dad, you can look into useful fixes like roof repair or a bathroom remodel.

placeholder Father’s Day Tips for the DIY Dad

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placeholder Father’s Day Tips for the DIY Dad

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