Essential dictation tips to help you during transcription

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medical transcription Essential dictation tips to help you during transcription

If you are a medical practitioner involved in the healthcare industry, you will be in a better position to vouch for the importance of dictation equipments in the process of effective medical transcription. You may transcribe the dictation yourself or prefer medical transcription outsourcing over other methods, however, the basis always remains the same. Some guidelines -

  • If you wish to have an accurate result, you need to use only the latest and finest equipments that pertain to dictation. This is not only important for the transcriptionist, but it also helps the practitioner in the transcription process. A bad quality recorder will only waste most of your time, which, under normal circumstances is far more precious than you may think. A good quality recorder on the other hand, saves you the trouble of redoing your recording work.
  • When it comes to recording devices, you will be spoilt for choice, for there is a plethora of devices that are available in the market. All the devices have a varied set of features that separate them from the rest. However, you must only invest in a recorder that you feel suits and meets all of your needs effectively. A good recorder is one that you can use for a very long period of time. Along with the recording device, it is wise to buy a set of headphones to ensure that your spoken word has been recorded correctly and that it is clear and free of any disturbances. Besides, investing in a good quality microphone is also a good option.

However, having all the plush devices does not mean that you can dedicate all the time in the world to dictation. Being a medical practitioner, you are always surrounded by workload. The stakes are high and the pressure may get to you. In such a situation, dealing with dictation for medical transcription outsourcing may be the last thing on your mind. However, you cannot completely ignore the importance of good quality dictation as this will form the basis of your patients’ reports and records. Therefore, following the tips given below should help you in your quest to get the dictation recorded onto the device as early as possible. These tips will ensure that you look after all your duties effectively without having to compromise on quality.

1.)   Organization is very important:

It goes without saying that to avoid confusion, you need to stay organized. Not only does it keep ambiguity at bay, it helps speed up the entire dictation process. Make a mental list of all the materials that you will need for the dictation process. If you are not comfortable with keeping mental notes, you could write them down on a paper. There are several things apart from the usual recording device, headphones and microphones that you may require. These include a patient’s previous reports, charts, statistics or any such information that may be relevant to the dictation.

2.)   Look for an area in your office where you will not be disturbed:

It is not uncommon for people to lose their concentration due to the constant ringing of the telephone, mobile phone or entering of people in the office. If you face such a situation during your recording process, it goes without saying that the entire dictation procedure will take longer than you may anticipate. The best way to counter this is by selecting a spot where no one would disturb you during the recording period.

3.)   Stay relaxed and focussed:

Nervousness can cause you to mess up, thus forcing you to start with the recording procedure all over again. Therefore, it is advised that you stay calm, collected and focussed.

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Rhys Keller is a medical practitioner working with a well known healthcare centre. He swears by medical transcription outsourcing. He writes a blog on his experiences in the healthcare industry. In his blog, he also includes certain breakthroughs that can change the face of the healthcare industry.


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