Decorating Your Living Room

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A living room is focal point of the house, it’s where we entertain, relax, converse and socialize. We spend a large percentage of time in this room and its important to create a living room which you feel comfortable in and proud of. Designing a beautiful living room doesn’t have to be difficult and there are some basic tips to help you. Whether you just want to add simple features, or you’re after total makeover there are lots of ways you can update you space. In some cases a simple coat of paint or rearranging furniture can create the impression of a total revamp, but for when that’s not enough here are some of our best styling tips.

Consider Layout

The first thing you should think about when revamping your living room is layout. Think about what your space will predominately be used for. If you are more of an entertainer, you’ll need to design a room with more space so you’ll need a specific type of furniture set, sofas which seat more than than three people are great for these types of rooms. If you’d like your living room to be a place to relax and unwind, think about buying an easy chair and building a fireplace.If you’d like to build a room with multiple purposes try using furniture to divide the room and create separate sections.

Focal Point

The key to designing a great room which works well, is to create a focal point. If your living room already has a fireplace that’s great, its a good idea to open it up and design the room around it. Big bay windows also make good focal points, as do bookshelves, display cabinets and contemporary designed coffee tables.


Living rooms tend to be revamped once they appear tired and cluttered. Its easy for a room to appear cluttered and disorganized if there isn’t adequate storage however there are pieces of furniture which not only look good, but also double as place of storage. Coffee table with inbuilt drawers are great, as are console tables with similar designs and modern bookcases are also good examples of this too. It’s a good idea to think about storage before you redesign your living room as this will help you in your choice of furniture and decor.


Decorating your living room requires more than replacing furniture and giving it a lick of paint. Choosing the right decor is also important. You can pick up great pieces of unique decor from online stores like eBay and Etsy. Finishing your space with hand made pieces is a good way to design your room as unique pieces make great compliments for modern contemporary homes.

Decorating a living room doesn’t have to cost an enormous amount or require that much effort, all that’s required is a little creativity and a willingness to experiment. Hopefully the tips above provide you with inspiration for when you’re next redesigning yours.

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