Combating Writers Block: Know When to Take Your Laptop Elsewhere

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Writer’s block happens to even the best writers. You can write steadily for hours and suddenly find yourself at a complete loss for what to say next. If this dreaded condition hits you, here are some smart strategies for getting back on track.

Step Away from the Project

Sometimes all you need to get over a bout of writer’s block is a break from the task at hand. Try something physical and not intellectual to give your brain a chance to rest. Take a walk, clean the house for 20 minutes, play with your kids, do some yoga poses, or put on your favorite music and just rock out. Avoid tasks that are too similar to your writing, such as browsing the Internet or checking up on your social media sites.

Write Something Else

If you’re completely stuck on the project at hand, try switching to something else. Write an email, a poem, a short story, or a blog post. Do something that’s as different as possible from what you’re struggling with. Don’t make excuses and just force yourself to write. Free-write for five or ten minutes on a completely random topic like the items on your coffee table or the outfit you’re wearing. Don’t worry about the quality. No one ever has to see it. Just force those words out to get past the block.

Eliminate the Distractions

If you’re working somewhere with a lot of distractions, it’s probably time to take your laptop elsewhere. If the loud woman beside you at the coffee shop or the blaring music from your neighbors is the real distraction, going somewhere else will solve your problem instantly. Head to a library, lock yourself in a quiet room of the house, or go to a bookstore. These places are usually quiet and relatively distraction-free. There are many wireless internet options that will allow you to work outside the home or office.

Change the Scenery

Even if your current workspace is quite and serene, you’re going to need a break from time to time. Try working somewhere new. The fresh air and invigorating sunshine at the park may loosen up your writer’s block. Local coffee shops are full of inspiration in the form of a little people watching. At the library, you can grab a variety of books and try reading some different styles to help you get back on track. Going anywhere in the house or even outside is an option with to help get rid of that wall you can’t get through when writing.

Explore Your Piece in a Different Way

Writing isn’t the only way to explore a topic. Try working on a rough outline or mind map. Speak into a tape recorder instead of putting words down on paper. Doodle or sketch your ideas. Head to Pinterest or Google Images for some visual stimulation on your topic. Seeing the project through a different lens could help you find your written voice again.

As difficult as it is to deal with, remember that writer’s block is completely natural and happens to just about everyone at one time or another. Relax and try these strategies to loosen up your creative muscles.

placeholder Combating Writers Block: Know When to Take Your Laptop Elsewhere


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