College bound? Don’t forget these essential supplies

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College Bound 300x239 College bound? Dont forget these essential suppliesWith a new semester of school approaching quickly, it is important to begin gathering up supplies so that you are not rushing out at the last minute. It would be a shame to start school without the proper materials.


First, you need to make sure that you are up to date with technology. Your laptop or computer should be in proper working order. You might even consider purchasing a simple netbook that you can take to class to take notes with. Don’t forget to pick up a messenger bag to carry it in too. You probably need a working printer too, so that you can print out assignments without spending 10 cents per page in the library.


Every college student needs a day planner to stay organized. Some students say they will save everything on the phone or computer, but a paper reminder is much more helpful. Phones are not always reliable reminders. Many students are surprised to see their grades improve when they begin taking note of important dates and assignments.


While it may not be essential in terms of getting your school work done, every college student needs a few essential clothing items in their wardrobe. Start with a warm hoodie. You need to come to class warm and cozy, especially if it’s an early morning class and you can’t expect to get glammed up for the day. College students also need a steady supply of socks and clean underwear. As most students know, trying to do laundry every few days is a big pain.


If you live on or near a campus that has an abundance of bike trails, don’t forget to prep your set of wheels. You need to have a bike pump handy; more than likely your tire will go flat eventually. It is also wise to have a basket on your bike so that you can carry books and other supplies to class.


When it comes to shopping for school books, make your purchases as early as possible. You are more likely to find better deals on-campus and online if you are proactive.


Finally, do not forget the basics. No matter what school you go to, you still need pens, pencils and notebooks for taking notes and exams. You should have a notebook that suits your needs and personal writing style, meaning that you should explore the various types available. The wire coil booklet is one of these options.

placeholder College bound? Dont forget these essential supplies


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