Cleaning Up After Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States in terms of lives lost and damage created. Although the United States wasn’t the only country affected, it caused a fair amount of destruction to the Atlantic coast.

As soon as the hurricane began to wreak havoc along the coast, relief efforts began to form. These events took a wide range of forms, from the small groups that helped on an individual level, to the huge scale organizations that donated large amounts of money and volunteers. Across the country, we saw relief efforts that changed the outcome of the storm.

The Red Cross

The American Red Cross was founded on May 21, 1881. Over 130 years later it is still working to save and improve lives after disasters occur. For Hurricane Sandy alone, the American Red Cross spent around $110 million just by the end of 2012. The efforts still continued into the next year, upping the amount spent even more. But money isn’t the only resource they contributed.

Volunteers working through the Red Cross helped to make the relief possible. Sandy was the biggest U.S. disaster response by the Red Cross in over five years. Donation of time and resources by various people allowed for the most effective cleanup possible.

More that 15,800 trained workers were apart of the Red Cross Sandy response. Ninety percent of those were volunteers from across the country. A wide support network has been one of the factors that have made the Red Cross successful in cleaning up after the hurricane.


The Red Cross isn’t the only organization that worked to raise money to assist victims of the hurricane. On December twelfth, the 12-12-12: Concert for Sandy Relief took place. It was broadcasted across six continents through television, radio, the Internet, and movie theaters.

Many Singers and bands took to the stage during the charity event. Some of the big acts were:

  • Alicia Keys
  • The Who
  • Kanye West
  • The remaining Nirvana members with Paul McCartney
  • Billy Joel
  • Bon Jovi

These acts and others preformed to raise money to support those affected by one of the worst storms to hit the area. The money raised through the event was given to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, helping those who were hit the hardest.

Through ticket sales alone, more than thirty million dollars was raised. The tickets sold out almost as soon as they could be bought. The price of the tickets were high, but with a guarantee to help those affected, and a lineup of top grade acts, the money didn’t seem to be a problem for many wishing to go.

The concert was preformed in Madison Square Garden, near a point of hurricane destruction. In this way, the purpose of the event was kept in mind, while still allowing for a rewarding experience for all who attended.

Many banded together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The efforts of relief were great; many events were organized to ensure that lives would be rebuilt. Those who lost loved ones and belongings were remembered as individuals across the country worked to regain a little of what was lost.


By Cassie Costner


Cassie has written multiple articles on the Sandy relief efforts. She is interested in the modes of cleanup after a hurricane. She also writes about water, earthquake, and fire damage cleanup.

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