Boom time for Medical Aesthetician Schools in US

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Recent years have seen increasing interest among youngsters to opt for career as a medical aesthetician. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of 25% in the number of jobs for licensed aestheticians over the next decade. Significantly, medical aestheticians are generally paid much more their licensed counterparts in the beauty industry.

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Going by the definition, medical aestheticians are licensed skin care specialists who work in a dermatologist’s office, a plastic surgeon’s office, and medical spas. They perform a number of procedures and treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Botox injections, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal, in a medical setting. Aestheticians treat facial skin to maintain and enhance its natural glow and appearance. These practitioners treat patients whose skin or appearance is badly affected by trauma or medical procedure, such as surgery.

To become a qualified medical aesthetician, one can join a Medical Aesthetician School which offers education and training in a number of skin-related and cosmetology areas. The aesthetician course is a nice blend of academic coursework and practical training. The program duration and course requirements vary, subject to a state’s licensing requirements. Skin analysis and massage, skin treatment administration, hair removal, cosmetics, makeup application, and customer service are some of the courses in a medical aesthetics program.

To find work as a medical aesthetician, one can complete additional training in order to perform more advanced cosmetic procedures. Many times, if one is able to find an entry-level aesthetician position, one may be imparted additional training by one’s employer, under the supervision of a licensed physician.  At another level, there are also programs a licensed aesthetician can enrol in to get certifications upon completion of the course.

A quality aesthetician school offers extensive preparation for the State Board exam and gives hands-on experience to students in performing skin care treatments with real clients. The training generally lasts about 600 hours, which can be completed in about six months.

  After passing graduation, one needs to clear both the written and the practical State Board exams before one is able to work as a medical aesthetician. Thirty-eight states in the US impart the national version of the State Board exam, including California.

 The National Association of Laser and medical aesthetician schools (Nala Institute) provides quality education, training and extensive hands on experience in the medical aesthetician field. The institute has no dearth of experienced faculty members, practicing physicians and certified instructors to nourish the dreams of those who want to earn a handsome living as medical aestheticians.

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