Benefits of Taking a Holiday at a Cottage

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Holiday cottages have always been popular. It gives you more control than living in a conventional bed and breakfast. Many Peak District holiday cottages and properties in areas like the Lake District also offer stunning views at some of the UK’s most magnificent natural locations.

There are so many more benefits of taking a holiday at a cottage, though. Here are some of the main ones.

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Luxury at a Discount

Cottages are luxurious places for a holiday. They’re far more beautiful than the majority of UK hotels. These luxurious abodes don’t cost as much as you think. As long as you book them at the right time, there’s no reason why you can’t get a great deal on a whole family staying under the same roof.

It could cost almost double if you wanted to move the whole family into a hotel for the same amount of time. Furthermore, you get very little value for money with hotels. They supply boring and sterile decoration with lumpy mattresses. You get the exact opposite in a cottage.

Cottages are exactly like conventional family homes. It’s similar to living with a family friend for a few weeks because everything is in its place and it doesn’t feel like hotel-style accommodation.

Yes, they’re further away from the main cities and many of the museums and other holiday attractions, but it’s a small price to pay for such a high standard of living.

Beautiful Setting

Unless you really want to spend a lot of money, you don’t have any sort of beautiful setting with a hotel. Far from it, you have a good chance of getting a view of a building site or a motorway. This reduces the value for money aspect because you’re now just paying for the room and not the view.

Cottages nearly always have spectacular views. It’s common to have towering purple mountains and rolling green valleys in front of you. Choose a cottage by the seaside, enjoy a holiday by a rugged mountain range, or soak up the sun next to a cottage on the shores of Lake Windermere.


Cottages offer privacy. It’s something holidaymakers often overlook. Stay in Peak District holiday cottages and you can each have your own room with no neighbours just a paper-thin wall away. There are countless horror stories of having holidays ruined in hotels by a noisy couple next door.

It’s unnerving to hear every movement next door and know they can hear your every movement. This isn’t the way to enjoy a holiday. You want to get away from the little annoyances the world throws at us.

Self Catering

Holiday cottages in the UK are practically all self-catering. Save money with this and gain more control and flexibility over when you eat. You aren’t confined by specific meal times and the size of the menu is only limited by what you can imagine. Most cottages come with fully fitted kitchens and all the essentials.

Sam Miller recommends staying at Peak District holiday cottages when on holiday.

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