Be Aware of the Miracles of Spices

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Have you got any idea that your kitchen can supply the resources for treating your illness? Yes, there are many spices available in your kitchen, which do not only enrich your taste buds but help in curing different health problems? Well, if you are not aware of the benefits of such spices, then look up here for details.

Bay leaf
If added to the food, it helps in enriching the dish with a specific flavour.

The oil made up of bay leaf possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal contents.

This is used in most of the Indian dishes to add a good flavour and smell.

It helps in controlling bad breath and digestive disorder. For diabetes patients, chewing a whole cardamom is beneficial for coping up with it.

It is mostly used to spice up the food. Even, adding it in right quantity brings a reddish colour to the dish.

It is famous as antioxidant and help in controlling cholesterol. Even, it is good for burning calories.

It is primarily used for seasoning the food. While cooking gravy, it is also used for preparing the masalas.

It helps in increasing the natural insulin level of the blood and even reduces the cholesterol.

It is definitely one of the prime cooking ingredients used in kitchen. Mainly used for preparing masalas and seasoning the food.

The oil made up of clove is beneficial to cope up with tooth ache and even helps in treating sore gums. It is proved to be beneficial for curing fever, chest pains, cough and cold and digestive problems.

The leaves as well as the coriander seeds are used well in dishes. The leaves are used for garnishing and enriching the flavour of the food.

While having joint pains, using this spice can be helpful to get relieve. Even it helps in curing sore throat, digestion problems and allergies.

Cayenne pepper
Cayenne has great health benefits. If used in cooking, it helps in adding the heat factor. It has capsaicin, which turns this spice hot. It has high therapeutic elements, which help in relieving soreness and aches. It is even used as an active ingredient in the creams which are used as pain reliever.

It has even other medical benefits, like it improves blood circulation and heart of the health. Even, it can help fighting ulcers and blood cancer.

Well, all these Indian food spices are great resource of curing multiple health problems naturally, so try them and see miracles happening all around you.

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