Awesome Ideas for a 21st Birthday Party

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Fancy Dress 174x300 Awesome Ideas for a 21st Birthday PartyYour 21st birthday party is usually “the big one”, and probably the most memorable. It’s the one year where people tend to go all out for a party, because 21 is the age when all of your legal restrictions due to age are lifted! At 21 you can legally gamble, buy alcohol, buy rated movies and so on.

If you’re getting stuck while trying to come up with some ideas for your (or a friend or family members) 21st birthday, then you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up a few of the best 21st birthday party ideas for you to draw some inspiration from and mark the special occasion.

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Clubs, Pubs, & Bars
If you find yourself clubbing, or in pubs and bars regularly at the weekends, then this idea will probably appeal to you! It’s probably one of the most common options, it’s relatively cheap compared to the other ideas, most people like drinking, and it’s something local which you can invite all of your friends and family to. You’ll find there’s many great 21st birthday venues around Australia where you can celebrate your 21st birthday party in style, a lot of these venues will even cater to your specific requirements and go out of their way to make your birthday the best it can be.

Bar or pub crawls are quite common for 21st parties too, the idea being that you all start out in one bar, and then work your way around the remaining bars in that area, drinking a set number of drinks at each stop.


Fancy Dress
This is another popular option – whatever you’re doing, whether it’s going out for a meal, having a private party at home or at a venue, or going clubbing and pubbing, you can do it all in fancy dress! It’s sure to make the evening much more memorable and adds plenty of laughs to the occasion.

To spice it up a little for a 21st party, you could make a little twist on the standard fancy dress and throw a sexy fancy dress themed party instead.


Meal with Family & Friends
If you’re more of the quiet type, or don’t enjoy the atmosphere of pubs and clubs, then a nice meal with friends and family can be a lovely way to celebrate your 21st too. Having all of the people you care about in one place, around the same table, celebrating your birthday – it’s a great way to do it!

Some people like to start their party with a close, intimate meal like this, and then move on to the pubs and clubs for the rest of the night. There’s some great 21st birthday venues that provide amazing locations for you to enjoy a meal and relax with your friends and family – always a bar there too – in a quiet and private venue.


Experience Days
Lots of companies now offer what tend to be referred to as “Experience Days”, where you can purchase the opportunity to take part in some stunning activities for the day. These could make an awesome 21st birthday present, and would definitely be memorable.

One of these experiences is the “Top Gun Experience” – take flight in a Military Bulldog plane, experience flying the plane yourself, performing some aerobatic manoeuvres, and even getting a taste for tail-chasing.

There’s literally dozens of different activities you can do, from off-road motorcycle riding, quad biking, and 4×4. Hang Gliding, Spa Breaks, Organic Chocolate Making, Sky Diving, Hot Air Ballooning plus many more. Whatever it is that gets you excited, you’re bound to find it for sale as an experience day. Like I said before, not only do these make great activities to do you on birthday, but they would make an awesome birthday present too!

Hopefully that’s given you some ideas for your big day! Personally, I think experience would make the most memorable, but it’s down to each individual and what they like to do. You might much prefer a nice meal and drinks with family and friends, rather than jumping out of a plane or partying around Vegas.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great day!

Author Bio: Austen is a regular contributor from The London Club, he regularly blogs about technology, party and venue ideas, and party planning, at this blog and other top lifestyle blogs around the web.

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