Avoid Disasters By Using Document Shredding Services

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It is not a crime to sift through trash looking for personal or financial information. It is a crime to actually use the information for illegal purposes such as identity theft. Even though it is not a crime to find personal information that has been discarded, negligence charges can be made for putting sensitive information in the trash and making it available to unknown persons. At the very least, it is a dereliction of duty and a violation of the trust of people who have supplied this information with the belief that it would be kept private and protected.

document shredding services 300x255 Avoid Disasters By Using Document Shredding Services

Professional companies that are supposed to safeguard information have an obligation to destroy information properly. Today, proper document destruction should be performed by certified professionals who are able to verify that the destruction assignment has been completed according to the latest professional standards. Some companies even film the destruction assignment for added verification and confidence.

The best document destruction companies are able to destroy paper documents and electronic devices at the job site. Electronic data needs to be destroyed as do paper documents. Destruction needs to be performed on site to ensure that no information actually leaves the site. For the most effective document shredding Toronto has to offer look for a service that offers both regularly scheduled visits, where alocked bin is provided as a place to put documents and devices between visits, as well as one time only service, referred to as a “purge.” A purge would be useful if a business is closing, selling or moving locations. These services are also available for private residences.

The ability to destroy at the customer’s site as opposed to a haul away is critical. A document shredding company should also verify that proper disposal is always practiced. Recycling methods or hazardous waste disposal methods must be environmentally sensitive. Document destruction companies are also set up to handle recycling and waste tasks that are not information sensitive as an additional service.

Proper document destruction is not only for sensitive customer or client information. Positive employee relations are critical to the well-being of any business. Sensitive information about employees should also be protected by not being handled by other employees in the firm. Even information that is not protected under the law but may be fodder for rumours or personal fears of favoritism or even gossip can be very hard on the well-being of a business. To back up promises of confidentiality and discretion by having a third party handle documents that have private information is really good for employee trust and confidence. Professional paper shredding services in Barrie and area will also improve the bottom line by saving employee task time.Document shredding and destruction services protect businesses, clients and employees as well as providing needed environmental services.

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Author Cliff Dawling is very well versed on techniques he can share for protecting sensitive information.  If you are in need of paper shredding services in Barrie Cliff suggest you contact the best document shredding Toronto and area has to offer with the pros at Absolute Destruction.


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