5 Things that Add Style to a Home

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Nobody wants to live in a drab home. If you don’t constantly immerse yourself in home design television shows and decorating magazines, it can be impossible to find the right accents to give your home a little flair. Here are five ideas for those DIYers who need a little help adding style to their dwelling place.

Unify Any Room with a Rug

Living rooms are pretty easy to set up, but they can feel barren even with great furniture. Try adding a large area rug to any expansive space in your house to really tie all the decor together. You can pick a rug with a cool design if you want to add excitement to your room, or you can go with a simple solid color option to keep things uniform and calm. Either way, rugs are the perfect addition to any floor in any room.

Slip Covers for Every Season

If you have children or pets, you know it can be difficult to keep your furniture spot free. Why not experiment with slip covers to solve your cleaning woes? With slip covers, you can change up the look and feel of your living room on a seasonal basis and switch one cover out when you’re ready to try a new design. There are so many combinations of slip-cover looks you can play with that you’ll never run out of design ideas.

Change Up Your Window Treatments

Old window blinds can make a home look incredibly dated and dingy, so you have to stay on top of the most attractive treatment options available. There are plenty of blind styles out there, whether you prefer dark wood shutters or elegant vertical shades. You can get tons of fantastic window treatments on a home, for example, to really give your home a great new look.

Play With Cultural Themes

Why not create a globalized adventure inside your own home? From Morocco to Italy to France, there’s a nearly unlimited number of unique cultures with their own amazing sense of styles. On one side of the house, you could set up a Mexican-inspired breakfast nook with bright earthy colors and rustic wooden furniture, and down the hall, put together a clean and simple bedroom reminiscent of Sweden.¬†You should research countries that interest you and figure out how to incorporate their style of decor into your rooms at home.

Accent Everything

Accents are a fantastic way to give your home some style without paying a lot of money. Bright colors and patterns are almost always a perfect addition to an area, so try adding vibrant throw blankets and pillows to your beds and couches to make the room pop. You can also experiment with different styles of picture frames to make an otherwise boring wall stand out, and you can add wonderful scents and colors with specialty candles. From flowers to artwork, you’ll definitely find the perfect accent to improve your home’s aesthetics.

Decorating your home can be an arduous task, but it’s worth it to end up with a comfortable, stylish place to stay. Try experimenting with these ideas and you may come up with a brand new style that’s all your own.

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