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Getting exercise can be difficult in today’s busy times, but sometimes it’s just downright boring as well. Take swimming, for example. Doing laps can feel monotonous and probably sounds boring just reading about it. But it doesn’t have to be. For example.

1. Make A Game Out Of It
Making a game out of something is the quickest way to make it more fun. There are plenty of ways to do this, too. About.com has some great ideas for swimming games for kids to play. Getting that competitive spirit into swimming is a good way that you can make it fun and enjoyable.

2. Listen to Music
Music is the best way to take your mind off of something. That’s why it’s such a common choice during work outs or other taxing activities. You might be thinking how to add music to a water-based activity, but fear not. Underwater Audio
offers a waterproof iPod Shuffle and headphones that are completely waterproof and don’t have a bulky case that you have to carry. Not only that, but their headphones are designed specifically for swimmers, so you know they’re going to stay in and stay working.

3. Give Rewards
If you’re trying to make swimming more fun for a group of kids or for your own children, rewards can be an easy way to do that. Give out treats for participation and victory in games that we mentioned before.

4. Get A Coach
This might not seem like a lot of fun, but pushing yourself to improve in a certain area and learning to take it more seriously can be extremely rewarding. You might want to consider it just for the fact of getting more fit or staying in shape. Whatever the reason, it’s something consider and it’s easy to do. If you need help finding a coach, go to your local pool and ask around. The lifeguards often times give lessons themselves or are competitive swimmers, too.

Whatever the reason, making sports in general more fun is a great thing. You’ll feel better with regular physical activity, getting out and trying new things is always positive. Challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone is a learning experience, and you’ll learn more about yourself as you go.

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