4 Most Innovative Household Products

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Making life easier around the home is a priority for most people, and technology continually strives to meet that need.  While some gadgets simply come across as being ‘gimmicky’, there are also a number of great products that are both futuristic and functional for the home.  Here are 4 of the most innovative household products designed to enrich and simplify your life.



UV Toothbrush Sanitisers


To ensure the very best standards of hygiene, invest in one of these nifty products.  The stylishly designed sanitizers have been created to eliminate 99% of germs, including salmonella and E. coli from the surface and bristles of your toothbrush.  Instead of harsh chemicals, the sanitizer uses pulses of UV light to exterminate germs and keep your toothbrush clean and safe for daily use.



Robot Vacuum Cleaner


While the technology for robotic vacuum cleaners has been around for years, it’s the way it has developed in recent times that make them an innovative household product.  Leading models such as the LG robot vacuum cleaner feature state of the art technology to ensure they provide the most efficient and effective clean for your home.  This includes on board cameras to monitor the best routes, cliff sensors and an intuitive technology which allows the cleaner to learn the layout of your home.  Forget spending hours getting the best vacuum clean for your household, let a top quality robot vacuum cleaner do the work for you.



Smart Fridge


With smart phones and TV’s already prolific in tech savvy homes, it was only a matter of time before the humble household appliances began to transform into clever products to better suit daily needs.  Perhaps the most fascinating of these is the smart fridge, an incredible feat of design that will brighten up any kitchen.  The door of the fridge is a touch sensitive interface that allows you to record what is in your fridge at all times.


Not only does it perfectly regulate temperature, but the smart fridge will also help you cook wholesome and healthy meals.  At the touch of a button, the fridge calculates a range of recipes based on the ingredients you have recorded as being on hand.  When you have everything out and ready to start, the fridge will then talk you through the method until you have created your culinary treat.  With a talking fridge that knows what you have on hand then helps you make something tasty, cooking for any occasion becomes a breeze!



Mattress Temperature Control


This great piece of technology simply sits on top of your existing mattress, and helps to ensure you get the best night’s sleep.  Dial in the temperature you desire, and it will heat or cool your side of the bed perfectly to your specifications.  Great for when one partner likes it hot while the other prefers it cool, the mattress pad works individually on both sides of the bed.



Make your household as efficient and stylish as possible with these state of the art products designed to make your day to day life simpler and more enjoyable.  From intuitive robotic vacuum cleaners to a smart fridge to help you eat well, there’s an innovative household product for every style and budget.

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