3 Best Vacation Dentistry Destinations in Mexico

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12 300x151 3 Best Vacation Dentistry Destinations in Mexico

Mexico has long been a hotbed of dental and cosmetic treatments. Two of the main reasons why they prefer this neighboring country for their surgery are because of the cost and vacation. So, if you are planning to undergo same procedure at Mexico will give you some pointers on where the best vacation dentistry destinations in Mexico.


This city of Mexico is very close to California and hence it draws large number of Californians dental patients and other U.S. citizens ever year. Like Los Algodones, it is popular for medical tourism especially in dentistry. Aside from being close to United States with less than half an hour from San Diego, Tijuana dentists offer affordable prices and fast accommodation.


This is a famous getaway place for Americans for both business and pleasure. They mostly cater north-of-the-border visitors and the service providers are known for speaking English fluently which get rid of the language barrier between patient and dentist. Many of the services are high-quality and offer everything you would expect to find at home like cosmetic procedures which include whitening to correct tooth discoloration and serious dental treatments like dental crowns and dentures. The also offer pre- or post procedure vacation which you can find in any countries.

Los Algodones

Though it is unfamiliar city to most of the Americans, it is definitely one of the best vacation dentistry destinations in Mexico. It situated right across the border from Yuma, Arizona. They provide excellent treatment and composed of a number of dentists that have received higher education in the United States. Since, it is close to the border numerous patients pass up an expensive flight in favor of simply driving, which can further lessen their expenses.


Indeed, people would always go with a dental and cosmetic procedures which offer lows cost for a high quality service. Like for an example, the porcelain veneers cost up to 75 percent less just across the border than they do at home, so people who can’t afford veneers at $2,000 a tooth may find them suddenly within their budget in Mexico. The dental insurance price cost prevent many Americans from availing it and would choose vacation dentistry to bridge the gap between what patients need and what they can spare.

Other Concerns

Before you are planning and deciding to go for a dental treatment you need to make sure that the medical office you choose gives you quotes via email is available by phone to discuss your procedure and has staff available after hours in case you experience complications. Also, you must ask for documentation in dental implants in Mexico that attests the dental staff is licensed and competent to perform your procedure.



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