2013 trends in External Wall Cladding

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External Wall Cladding is a celebrated way to perk up the exterior of your house. Apart from adding distinctive appeal to your home, it also brings it in balance with the interiors and gardens. With the advancing technology and mounting demand for wall coverings, there is a wide assortment of external cladding materials available today. These range from substances like plastic panels, composite panels, concrete sheeting, metal sheeting, timber and natural stone cladding.  Therefore, while selecting the suitable material for your outdoor cladding plans, considering the various options along the lines of latest trends become imperative.

For architects, contractors, designers and home owners, the buzz about a new external or internal wall designing is always exciting. Here are some on-going trends for 2013 in external cladding for any kind of surface around your house.

  1. Vibrant Doors and Dark Stones

Blending dark stoned wall covering around the brightly coloured doors can generate fantastic effect. Your front doors will appear both welcoming and impressive. Whether your house possesses a retro style or a contemporary design, this vibrant assortment of bright colours with natural stone will work just impeccably. Hence, team up your dream colours with the classy stone look to give your doors a colourful creative edge.

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  1. Dazzling flowers and Dark Stones

One of the major elements of any home is its garden. As a result, while cladding your house externally, the choice of wall covering also considerably depends on the garden style and craft. Both the external wall cladding and the garden design must complement each other seamlessly in a way that enhances the overall appeal of the house. When it comes to designing a garden, the first job that follows is to plant bright and vivacious flowers. Therefore, you must try using natural stone pavers in dark tones on the outer walls. Also, you can couple this with formal and bring tulips or any other form of annuals.

  1. Glass Tiles

The traditional trend for external wall cladding concentrated on sturdy and robust natural stones. However, with the advancement in cladding industry and varying time, glass tiles are more preferred.  Such tiles provide a splendid visual effect thereby polishing and adding to the beauty of beautifully crafted surroundings. Framed in mosaic patterns, glass tiles are being widely employed for cladding in entertainment areas to bring back the fine and lustrous touch of contemporary designing.

  1. Place it in the core

Today, external wall cladding means much more than merely concealing the old brickwork. These days, it is a technique which is employed for jazzing up the surface by smoothly blending it in the surroundings. External Wall covering is so powerful that it can easily transform a drab and bland location or surface into a cheery and bright feature of the landscape. Available in an amazing variety of sculptural shapes and textures, the natural wall cladding stone materials can provide charming backdrops. So next time you plan for a dinner party, you need not suffocate the guests inside a hall, simply go outdoor with these fascinating wall cladding options.

Another upcoming trend for wall cladding is to fuse materials in order to pep up the aesthetic allure of the house. Thus in home cladding industry, one can observe a sharp growth in trends such as employing single wall cladding material but in distinctive pattern of colors. No wonder vinyl external cladding has been really welcomed in the market, due to its availability in numerous colors. Too far, Vinyl may be coined as the mostly preferred material for external wall cladding in coming years due to its versatile benefits. Apart from imparting an aesthetic appeal and beautiful appearance to the house, it also provides protection to home and is exceptionally economic in cost.

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