10 Amazing Workplaces from Around the World

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The most amazing places to work were once reserved to tech startups in the USA. Today, businesses across the globe are competing to attract the best and brightest talent the world over and these 10 amazing workplaces in the world are succeeding where others fail.

Novo Nordisk

This Danish company believes in empowering their employees to give back to their communities. The company believes they have three primary responsibilities as a business in that they aspire to provide social, financial, and environmental responsibilities to all.


This French hotel enterprise understands that employees keep the customers happy and the bottom line healthy. They provide a champagne breakfast for all new employees at hotel openings and encourage the transferring of employment from one hotel to the next.


Spain is home to this telecommunications giant. The business has managed to remain a global leader by providing their employees with the opportunity to spend at least six months on a project in another country.

Ernst & Young

The UK is quickly becoming home to some of the most appealing work environments. Ernst & Young is helping the country secure this reputation by providing junior positions with leadership opportunities and opportunities to grow their careers from within the organisation.


Google encourages employees to spend up to 30% of their time on personal project interests. The company believes employees should be encouraged to take risks on product development. If employees prove their idea to be solid, the company will support it in full to bring it to production.


This technology giant revolutionised the campus environment by offering game rooms, dry cleaning, and various dining options. Today, they encourage young girls to enter into the technology field and to break gender stereotypes in the industry.


This company may be headquartered in the US, however it is a truly global company. The company encourages and supports volunteering. In 2012, 4.000 employees in 67 countries volunteered on over 180 projects.


Despite being a US-based company, Autodesk has a more global outlook on their employment. The company offers employees the opportunity to take a 6-week sabbatical without any work expectations every four years of employment.


This US company believes in listening to their employees to improve upon their product and service offerings. The CEO actually hosts “Conversations Over Coffee” each month where employees are able to be candid and speak about any subject.


This British organisation is escalating the game of being an amazing place to work. They offer flexible hours, daycare, exercise opportunities, college placement services, and a concierge. Diageo may be the model for all others to aspire in the coming years.

Despite a working world that has generally been making employee reductions and implementing cost-saving measurements, these 10 amazing workplaces in the world still understand the value of their employees. Most of these companies have offices in many countries with job opportunities waiting for you.

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